Spiritual Uprising

Spiritual progressives are just starting to understand the power of taking a stand—together—as though we mean it.

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Issue 36 - Winter 2005-2006

Spirit Rising
by Michael Nagler
Spiritual progressives are just starting to understand the power of taking a stand—together—as though we mean it.

The Stranger at the Door
by Ana María Pineda
A Christmas re-enactment of a homeless couple’s search for shelter has special meaning for recent immigrants and those displaced by Katrina and Rita.

Holy Impatience
an interview with Matthew Fox
A time when we are newly able to grasp the full magnificence of the cosmos—a time when we are also threatening our planetary home—is a time for holy impatience.

95 Theses
by Matthew Fox
Articles of faith for a Christianity for the Third Millennium

An Offer of Unconditional Love
by Jamal Rahman
Can you treat yourself also with compassion?

Java Justice
by Dee Axelrod
A Jewish Ugandan coffee farmer partners with Christian and Muslim neighbors to produce jobs, understanding, and a great cup o’ joe.

The Prophets Versus Empire
by Richard Lang
For millennia, some religious leaders have defended empires, no matter what. Others, like the prophets and like Jesus, have taken a stand for the poor.

I Stand With You Against the Disorder
by Jeanette Armstrong
The original peoples of the Americas figured out some things about family, place, and community.

by W.S. Merwin

Resources for a Spiritual Uprising
by Andrew Lovejoy

Why America Needs a Religious Left
by Michael Lerner

A Wake-up Call
by Jim Wallis

What do Americans believe?

Make a Living—With Dignity
by Michael Ramos

Altar Your Abode
by Lori Hall Steele

Fair Trade: For Everyone’s Benefit
by Lilja Otto

What Can Congregations Do?
by Richard Lang

Drop the Debt!
by Lisa Garrigues


Resurrect New Orleans: A Better City Is Possible
by Van Jones
Katrina has opened new wounds while exposing old ones. Is there a better city that could result—one that is green, just, and authentically the Big Easy?

Reaching for Higher Ground
an interview with Russell Henderson by Sarah van Gelder

Shelter from the Storm
an interview with Rev. Lee T. Wesley by Dee Axelrod

heart & soul
Out of Time
by Jonathan Rowe
We feel the crunch as clock time splinters into nanoseconds. Could a cure for time scarcity come from a glimpse of “eternal” time?

Finding a Safe Harbor
by Debra McKinney
A woman opens a hotel that treats the homeless and unwanted as welcomed guests.

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Letter From the Editor
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

Readers’ forum

The peace movement is back
Americans mull impeachment
Eco-festival leaves no trace
San Francisco bans sweatshop purchases
Homeland Security on college campuses
Department of Peace bill introduced

The Page that Counts

in review
• Unconditional Parenting
• Democracy’s Edge
• An Unreasonable Woman
• Other Lands Have Dreams

Positive Futures Network News
It’s our 10th anniversary, and you’re invited!
by Frances Korten

YES! but How?
Sunscreen Safety
Sustainable Fashion
Losing Power

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