Paula Wolff Stands Up For Kids

Paula Wolff
Mom says “Turn off BusRadio!”

To cash-strapped school districts, it sounds like a bargain: the BusRadio corporation offers to install free audio equipment in school buses. In return, the districts hand over their kids' minds for a few minutes each day to listen to “age-appropriate commercials.”

But to parents like Paula Wolff, president of the Parent Teachers' Association of Jefferson County, Kentucky, it's a poor trade-off. Wolff led the successful fight to keep BusRadio out of her school district.

“My child is already targeted enough [by advertisers] without being bombarded on the way to and from school,” Wolff told the school board.

BusRadio says they're simply providing advertisers with a way “to reach the highly sought-after teen and tween market.” Their opponents, like Wolff, argue that BusRadio is exploiting the compulsory education law by forcing kids to listen to commercials.

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