Step It Up 2007

We've got a chance to move to clean energy in a way that benefits everyone. But that will happen only if we citizens understand the choices and make our voices heard.

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spacer Don't Give Away the Sky
by Fran Korten
If we want the transition to clean energy to be fair and effective, we citizens must understand the options. Here are some of the policy choices likely to come up in Congress that involve billions of dollars.

spacer Cleaner Cheaper Smarter
US PIRG Education Fund
PIRG argues for the auctioning of all polluting allowances under a cap and trade system as the most effective way to reduce our green-house emissions.

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New Internationalist logo spacerJuly 2006 - Issue 391

As concern about climate change grows and our profligate use of fossil fuels continues unchecked, many companies, governments and individuals have been turning to 'carbon offsets' for a cheap and easy option to reduce their contribution to global warming. However, the principles underlying carbon offsetting are deeply flawed. Many of the projects that are claimed as being beneficial to the climate cause harm to communities and ecosystems in other ways. The boon that the carbon offset industry has given to large monoculture tree plantations in particular is of great concern. This issue explores the thorny and complex issues behind the emerging 'carbon offset' industry, the communities negatively affected by so-called climate friendly projects, and what really needs to happen to counter climate change.


spacer If you go down to the woods today...
by Adam Ma'anit
The carbon offset industry can't see the wood for the trees, argues Adam Ma'anit.

spacer 10 things you should know about tree 'offsets'
by Jutta Kill
Forest and climate change campaigner Jutta Kill explains why planting trees is no substitute for reducing pollution.

From the YES! Archives:

spacer Who Shall Inherit the Sky?
by Peter Barnes
The Kyoto accords on global warming set the stage for an historic choice. We can give away yet another global commons or claim the sky as a trust benefiting all the people of today and of the future.
spacer 12 Steps We can Take to Stop Climate Change
by Alisa Gravitz
How much is enough to stop climate catastrophe? Baby steps and half measures won’t do it. We need a plan of action and timeline that matches the scale of the problem and provides a bar for evaluating corporate, government, community, and household plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to levels we can live with.
spacer Step Up to More Than Climate Change
by Fran Korten
The climate of public opinion is shifting rapidly. That shift opens new possibilities for policy and action that previously would have been thought out of reach. This is a great time for ideas big enough to match the scale of the problems.

Changing the Climate: Winter 2000

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spacer Can We Live Without Oil?: Fall 2004

•The End of Ancient Sunlight
•Getting There on Less
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