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Most Recent from YES! Magazine

Virtual Ecology
by Margaret Wertheim
A virtual world of natural enchantment and connection - Osmose by Canadian artist Char Davies.
Sustaining Gifts
by Alisa Gravitz
Alisa Gravitz receives a basket of gifts that nurture her spirit and the planet.
The Basic Function of Money The Basic Function of Money
by Jonathan Rowe
A nonprofit HMO for seniors called .
Local Currency Resources
Resource Guide
Readers' Forum
One crucial aspect of creating a positive future concerns intercultural reconciliation....
Pfn News
by David Korten, Duane Elgin
PFN News
Nuclear Ban
by G. Pascal Zachary
A former commander of the US nuclear forces is calling for a drastic reassessment of the moral, ethical, and practical implications of nuclear weapons.
Brewing a Future :: Zero Emissions in Namibia
by Keto Mshigeni, Gunter Pauli
A southern African brewery spawns a chicken farm, a fish farm, a mushroom plantation, a Spirulina plantation, an earthworm farm, jobs, and hope
Money Is a Human Artifact
by Edgar Cahn
Edgar Cahn developed Time Dollars as a way to rebuild community life.
Managing for Life
by Donella Meadows
Going green has challenged the ingenuity of CEO Ray Anderson of Interface - but he wouldn't have it any other way, says Donella Meadows
Making Money Making Money
by David Boyle
Ithaca Hours
Beyond Greed and Scarcity Beyond Greed and Scarcity
by Bernard Lietaer
Bernard Lietaer talks to Sarah van Gelder about the transformational effects of currency redesign.
Money Versus Wealth Money Versus Wealth
by David Korten
David Korten distinguishes between money and the real wealth of people, nature, and community
Trends, news bites, and other indicators of a challenging, spinning, changing world.
The Trouble With Money The Trouble With Money
by Thomas Greco
The dysfunctions of money creation
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