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Sustainable Sex

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What is the difference between love and desire?

Table of Contents
Winter 1997-98

Integral Sex
Sarah van Gelder explores the emergence of new ideas and questions about sexuality that grow out of integral values. RICHARD HEINBERG looks at the genesis of human sexuality.

Girls' Initiation
NAOMI WOLF, ALAN DURNING, CHRIS CROWTHER, MARIA DOLAN, and ROBYN BUDD on the hazards and surprises girls face as they reach maturity

Soap Summit
TRACY RYSAVY reports on what soap opera producers are learning about real life. DANIEL TAVERAS 17 year-old dad, tells of becoming a father and a man -- in that order

Sacred Sex
RABBI ZALMAN SCHACHTER-SHALOMI and EVE ILSEN describe ways sexuality can open us to the great mysteries

Breaking Silence
It's time to open a compassionate dialgoue about sexuality in the black church, says REVEREND MARIAH BRITTON
Sex Over Sixty
Writer CAROLYN HELIBRUN asks, "If an ancient woman finds herself longing for something new ... must that something always be sex?


Heart & Soul
The Loving Arts
SAM KEEN talks to SARAH VAN GELDER about the many facets of love -- and of love beyond sex

Family Values
by Kevin Fong
Can Rafael and his two dads find happiness in a mostly straight cohousing community?

A Village Revolution
SHARIF ABDULLAH writes from Sri Lanka about village-level economics based on Gandhian principles

Business & Livelihood
The Seeds of Restoration
DONELLA MEADOWS visits a wasteland that is becoming farms, gardens, trails -- and an eco-industrial park

Issue 4 Cover

Global Shift
Slouching to Kyoto
President Clinton seems ready, at long last, to do something about the weather. by CARL FRANKEL
Sense of Place

Skipping Town
STEVE LERNER tells the story of a Midwest town, which was flooded repeatedly, and then rebuilt -- sustainably
Sustainable Living

Starting with Food...
STUART STOTTS invites his neighbors to share food and activism


Readers' Forum


The Page that Counts

In Review
Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature by Janine M. Benyus, Ellisabet Sahtouris

Heretic's Heart: a Journey of Spirit and Revolution by Margot Adler

Living Downstream: an Ecologist Looks at Cancer and the Environment by Sandrea Steinbgrab

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