Sustaining Watersheds

Of the Pacific Northwest

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Fall 1997

Sustaining Watersheds
Sarah van Gelder finds Northwest communities doing the nitty-gritty work of making sustainability happen

A Natural Gift
by Ian Gill
A tribe and an environmental group team up to protect one of the world's last remaining tracts of pristine temperate rainforest

Applegate Partners
by Tracy Rysavy
Loggers, farmers, and environmentalists experiment with collaboration and consensus

Restorative Grazing
Dan Daggett finds ranchers who use cattle to restore grasslands

Voices of the Northwest
* KIM STAFFORD tells stories of a possible Northwest;
* LYNN JUNGWIRTH testifies about loggers turned ecosystem stewards;
* JANE BRAXTON LITTLE reports on community forestry coming of age;
* RONNIE YIMSUT talks to Latino and SE Asian forest harvesters;
* GIFFORD PINCHOT III tells the real story of "wise use";
* ROBERT LEO HEILMAN reflects on the challenges of knowing people

TOOLS: Sustainable Communities Checklist, Eco-labels, Cyber-Resources, Financing Change
Measure your town's quality of life and ecosystem health, find "green" lumber, surf resourceful web sites, and see what a proactive bank can do...

Sustainable Living
Gifts of Self
LYNNE TWIST shares thoughts on discovering what we have to give

Heart & Soul
Transformation in Cyberspace
PETER and TRUDY JOHNSON-LENZ explore cyberspace experiments in consciousness and communication

Global Shift
A Global Constitution?
GIL FRIEND reports on the MAI, also called "the Son of GATT," and effort to make the world safer for corporate investment.
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Once in 1,000 Years
DONELLA MEADOWS says, forget the hoopla. Make the millennium a time of real meaning and transformation

Gifts to the Future
PHILIP BOGDONOFF suggests giving gifts to future generations as a way to mark the millennium.

Citizen Policy Wonks
With good information and facilitation, a diverse group of citizens show they can take on complex technical and ethical issues, writes RICHARD SCLOVE

Race, Dialogue & Common Work
FRANCES MOORE LAPPE and PAUL DU BOIS on bridging racial divides through dialogue and common work


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