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Most Recent from YES! Magazine

Making Peace Between Religions
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
Spiritual leaders from 50 countries call for an end to violence in the name of religion.
South Africa: a Beacon of Hope
by Desmond Tutu
Compassionate Listening
by Kari Thorene
US peace activists discover the power of listening and dialogue for Jewish/Palestinian reconciliation.
Natural Step: the Science of Sustainability
by Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert
Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert, a Swedish cancer doctor and medical researcher, founded The Natural Step to inject some science into the environmental debate - and provide a solid foundation for action. He spoke to YES! executive editor Sarah van Gelder during his recent trip to the US.
Compassion the Radicalism of This Age
by Michael Nagler
Michael Nagler on the connection between compassion, quarks, biodiversity, and nonviolence.
Nuclear Testing: Building Insecurity
by Donella Meadows
you cannot gain security by making your enemy feel insecure.
Peace Innovations
by Kari Thorene
An overview of innovative ways of peace making: The Unity Walk, South African Scenario Exercise: Is There a Future for Apartheid?, Toy Gun Trade-In, Campus Dialogues, Peace Jam Teaches Peace.
by Peter Montague
A New Military
by Brigadier General Michael Harbottle
Brigadier General Michael Harbottle sets out new appropriate roles for the military: peacekeeping/peacebuilding, disaster relief, and environmental security.
Readers' Forum
In the real world, to fail to oppose something is to endorse it. . .and more
Politics And Re-enchantment
by Harland Cleveland, Marc Luyckx
Can a transmodern mindset open the way to a new conversation among nations?
Healing Into Action
by Cherie Brown, George Mazza
Simple ways to reach across ethnic, racial, and other divides.
Parenting Partnerships
by Tera Abelson, Greta Cowan
Divorced parents struggle to find peaceful alternatives to the conflicts that can be so devastating for children
Mr. ED's (Endocrine Disrupter) Resource Guide
Books, Organizations, Videos about Endocrine Disruptors, Environmental Toxins.
The Page That Counts :: Summer 1998 The Page That Counts :: Summer 1998
Percentage increase of lawyers in Washington, DC, in the past seven years, and more...
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