The YES! Breakthrough 15

Issue 60  Winter 2012
Issue cover
Meet the justice warriors, eco-innovators, happiness architects, and change artists who are transforming the way we live.
Quote: Martin Keogh

A quote from Martin Keogh, from the YES! Breakthrough 15 issue of YES! Magazine. Download it here.

Film Review: The Last Mountain

Follow a group of residents-turned-activists in their efforts to save Coal River Mountain, the last one left in an area devastated by mining.

Military Resistance a Strong Brew

Near the gates of Fort Lewis, anti-war veterans serve up support and solidarity (along with double-tall lattes) to their friends in uniform.

YES! Turns 15

After 15 years of solutions-oriented reporting, we don’t believe there is a single leader somewhere who is going to show us all how to live better. The changes are coming from all of us.

Occupy A New Conversation

America is a tale of two economies: one serves Wall Street, and the other is accountable to the rest of us. Which one will we choose?

A Vending Machine—for Bikes

In Minneapolis, two entrepreneurs invented a new way of bringing bike-repair tools to cyclists on the road.

Let’s Unstuff the Holidays

I longed for simpler surroundings. So I made a resolution: Each week I would move more stuff out of the house than came in.