What Does It Mean to Be an American Now?

Issue 21  Spring 2002
Issue cover
The Soul of America by Jacob Needleman, American Women by Sally Roesch Wagner, A Place for Dignity by Carol Estes, and an interview with Harry Belafonte. Spring 2002.
Freedom Sings

Harry Belafonte spent decades assembling his new collection, The Long Road to Freedom. In the language of music, it documents black Americans' long, hard path from West Africa through slavery toward equality. It's the beautiful sound of a people who refuse to submit, Belafonte tells YES! Magazine.

Old Pain, New Hope

More than a hundred years after it helped overthrow the Queen of Hawaii, the Congregational Church musters the courage to face its past

American Women

How did the radical suffragists come to their vision, a vision not of Band-Aid reform but of a reconstituted world completely transformed?