People We Love: Jordan Howard

Organizing a Green Prom
Jordan Howard

Jordan Howard was a student at an environmental charter high school, but she wasn’t enthusiastic about environmental issues. Then a Green Ambassadors class got her inspired “to educate people on the solutions.”

Howard and the prom committee planned a green senior prom for her school, which took place at a LEED certified mansion. They used paper lanterns instead of balloons, served organic food, and encouraged students to rent dresses and get their hair done at eco-salons.

Her next step was to help start the teen educational campaign Rise Against Plastics; followed by Green My Parents, a program that helps kids get parents to go green. Howard is a winner of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Young Leader Award, and now speaks to organizations across the nation.

  • The Environmental Charter High School is making an impact on students, the community, and the planet.
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