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What Makes a Great Place?

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Imagine a city where the young and the old gather in the great places of their community.


Table of Contents

Just, Green, & Beautiful Cities
by Carl Anthony
Imagine cities with nature close at hand, vibrant cultural life, diverse communities sharing their gifts. Imagine pocket parks, winding trails for bikes, and food coming fresh from nearby farms. .

The New City Beautiful
by Francesca Lyman
Vancouver, Seattle, London, and Chicago are getting healthier and more beautiful through “green urbanism.”

Five Ways to a Great Place
by Kathy Madden
Why do some public places come alive with activity and fun, while others sit silent and empty?

Cities for All
Angela Blackwell interviewed by Sarah van Gelder
A new movement shows the way to prosperous communities that welcome people of all races, ages, and incomes.

Art in the Village
by Abby Scher
From abandoned to beautiful: Lily Yeh partnered with the youth of North Philadelphia to transform a neighborhood.

Appalachian Ecovillage
by Christopher Gutsche & Kathleen Smith
Campus housing goes green.

Extreme Makeover: Green Neighborhood Edition
by Dave Wann
You dream of living in ecotopia, but live in ho-hum suburbia? Here’s how you can green your neighborhood, starting now.


Resources for Just, Green & Beautiful Communities
by Lisa Kundrat

also ...
Karl Linn (1923-2005):
Building a just world, one garden at a time

What’s the Matter With Sprawl?

West Oakland Gets Fresh

Community Benefit Agreements

Community Land Trusts

Transit-oriented Development

Mapping Social Patterns

How to Build an Eco-home


Two Crises; One Solution
by Van Jones
We face devastation of the natural world and violence in human communities. There’s a way to solve both these crises.

Seven Great Ideas for Movement Builders
by Grace Boggs
Movement building is not just about winning on a particular issue. It is about advancing the evolution of human society.

global shift
In Brazil: Creating a New Reality
by Michelle Burkhart
A poor-people’s movement settles thousands of aspiring farmers on unused land—and now they have some really big plans

A Classroom in the Forest
by Kathryn Haines
Children learn lessons from slugs and hemlocks, and would-be MBAs attend class in a treehouse.

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Letter From the Editor
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

Readers’ Forum

Veterans and families for peace
Toxins to be removed from cosmetics
The end of cheap oil
India Restricts Generic Drugs
• Americans’ budget priorities diverge from the administration’s
• Is there still hope for the Arctic Refuge?

The Page That Counts

in review
Averting Collapse
America Beyond Capitalism
Carfree Cities

positive futures network news
In Search of the Beautiful American
by Frances Korten
Reflecting on a book that spoke to a generation, inspired the Peace Corps, and shaped a life.

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