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What Would Democracy Look Like?

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What Would Democracy Look Like?

Earth Democracy
an interview by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
Vandana Shiva is a physicist, organic farmer, and tree hugger who speaks internationally on the perils of corporate globalization. Here, she speaks of the emerging Living Democracy movement, in which people reclaim the right to life itself

American Rebellions
by Thom Hartmann
A mob of activists covered their faces, took over the streets, declared an end to government-backed corporate power—and sparked the American Revolution

Porto Alegre’s Budget Of, By, and For The People
by David Lewit
In a Brazilian city, the people decide how to spend the multimillion-dollar budget. The experiment is transforming life, ending corruption, and setting a new standard for democracy

clean elections: How can we rid our election system of the corrupting influence of big money and welcome in third parties?
Clean Elections by Micah Sifry
Free Airtime for Political Candidates by Paul Taylor
Let Every Voice Be Heard by Steven Hill

Women, Citizenship, and the End of Poverty
by Hilkka Pietilä
Within one century, Finland went from being poverty-stricken to ranking as one of the world’s wealthiest and most equitable nations. How did they do it?

The Miner’s Canary
by Lani Guinier & Gerald Torres
The most vulnerable in a society may be the first to see where it has gone wrong—and how setting things right empowers us all

talking back
Here's what Americans are doing to reclaim the power to speak out.
Play Your Own Tune
Digital Storytellers
Watching the Watchers
Voices from the Valley
Broadband Democracy

Speaking for Justice
by Pramila Jayapal
Refusing silence, Sikhs, Latinos, Somalis, and others call a public hearing to tell their stories of profiling and humiliation since September 11

Erosion of Liberty Since September 11
compiled by Ann Benson, Washington Defenders' Immigration Project

advanced democracy
Deliberation Day
by Carolyn McConnell
Citizen Panels
by Tom Atlee
Study Circle Democracy
by Cecile Andrews

The Talking Circle
by Manitonquat (Medicine Story)
A Native American tradition teaches respect, healing, and a reverence for creation

Put Some Heart Into It!
by Linda Stout
Winning strategies for change—from a surprising source

Resources for Democracy
by Rik Langendoen & Darcy O’Brien


global shift
Instead of Empire
YES! editors asked five people to reflect on alternatives to empire-building. A very different future is possible

Young, Wealthy, Committed
by Jacqueline Pratt
Philanthropy can be more than charity. Young people come together to turn their wealth into real social change




Letter from the Editor
by Sarah van Gelder

Readers’ Forum/Readers Take Action

Iraq war questioned; patriots stand down the Patriot Act; American unilateralism; Massachusetts fights over campaign finance; students reject war

The Page That Counts

in review
the theft of our commons
Making a place for community
food politics

positive futures network news
Keep Moving On
by Frances F. Korten
Citizens keep hope alive in dark times

What’s Up?
Events and Announcements

YES! But How?
access to personal computers, de-clogging drains, bees/hornets nests

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