What Would Nature Do?

Issue 64  Winter 2013
Issue cover
Industrial societies have spent several centuries trying to conquer nature. Instead, we’ve produced mass extinctions, climate change, and pollution. What’s a better way for humans to live on Earth? Nature is telling us, if only we would listen.
Music Picks: Winter 2013

Anna Ternheim, Jerry Jeff Walker, and other inspiration while putting together the Winter 2013 issue.

Quote: Terry Tempest Williams

A quote from Terry Tempest Williams, from What Would Nature Do?, the Winter 2013 issue of YES! Magazine. Download it here.

People We Love: Somaly Mam

Cambodian sex trafficking survivor Somaly Mam rescues girls from brothels—and offers them a second life.

Should Chiapas Farmers Suffer for California’s Carbon?

A California proposal would offset the state’s climate-altering emissions by paying for forest conservation in Chiapas. Could there be unintended consequences in a region with a history of human rights abuse and land grabs?

Greenpeace’s Kumi Naidoo: Time to Stand Against Big Oil in the Arctic

Oil companies—and many of our political leaders—see melting sea ice as an opportunity to drill deeper. Fortunately, you don’t have to occupy an Arctic drilling platform to join the growing movement of people who are putting themselves on the line for our planet’s future.

Pete Seeger: “You Stick Together ’Til It’s Won”

Book Review: Gleaned from letters, essays, and articles, “Pete Seeger: In His Own Words” reveals how the celebrated folk singer has considered, at every turn, what it means to sing out in a world where the din of injustice is deafening.