Whose Water?

Issue 28  Winter 2004
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Whose water? The answer may be one that is both simple and full of implications—water belongs to everyone and to no one. It is fundamentally a commons, which we all must care for, but which none of us can own. Winter 2004.
Bringing Back Desert Springs

Attuned to their arid land, the Hopi raised abundant crops for hundreds of years, stewarding the small springs they considered sacred. Now, 35 years after a massive coal mine began using their water, the springs are drying up.

The Battle For Water

In the 21st century, our water is becoming a commodity. Some want to profit from it and others are ready to go to war over it, but every form of life must have it. Who will control this source of life?

The Meaning of Cancun

Why did the World Trade Organization talks in Cancun collapse? why were all those people out on the streets? Walden Bello, a central figure in resistence to the WTO, says a new constellation of power has emerged.

A Canoe In Singing Waters

Not long ago, it seemed all wild streams would soon be dammed. Now, instead of mourning the death of America’s free-flowing rivers, communities are celebrating the resurrection of trout streams, canyons, rapids, and riffles