Whose Water?

Whose water? It is fundamentally a commons, which we all must care for, but which none of us can own.

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Winter 2003-4

The Battle for Water
by Tony Clarke & Maude Barlow
Waste, pollution, population growth, global trade rules, and now privatization are threatening billions of people with water scarcity. How can we reclaim water for all life?

Tap Water Takeover
by Carolyn McConnell
The new water district in Montara, CA is both locally owned and locally run.

Bottled Water Flimflam
by Krista Camenzind

A Watershed Runs Through You
by Freeman House
The struggle to bring back endangered salmon draws one community into a new commitment to the well-being of its watershed

The Lake and the ‘Hood
by Jane Braxton Little
How did the challenge of saving a desert lake capture the imagination of urban youth? What could activists in East Los Angeles do to preserve Mono Lake?

Young People and Their Watershed
by Diane Galusha

A Canoe in Singing Waters
by Elizabeth Grossman
The dam-building craze is giving way to a new trend: dam removal. As dams age and the costs of impounding rivers outstrip the benefits, rivers are once again flowing free

Turning Scarcity Into Abundance
by Vandana Shiva
The solution to scarcity is not more mega-projects, more control by giant corporations, or more globalization. The solution to scarcity is more democracy

India’s Dawn
by Rachel Milanez

The Big Promise of the Small
by Carolyn McConnell
How a Namibian beetle, drip irrigation, clay pots, and a child’s seesaw help overcome water scarcity

A Sewer Becomes a Water Park
by Karen Charman
In the Chinese city of Fuzhou, an inspired design, fish, plants, and air pumps transformed a polluted canal into a garden

Thinking Outside the House
by Krista Camenzind
How can you beautify your own yard while conserving water and providing habitat for birds and wildlife? Some tips on being prepared for the next drought.

How Can Soil Clean Water
by Paul Mankiewicz

Bringing Back Desert Springs
by Gary Nabhan
The Hopi people of the Black Mesa region know how to farm and thrive in the desert Southwest. But a giant coal company is draining the aquifer that feeds their sacred springs and makes their livelihood possible

Water Resources
by Krista Camenzind
Who’s who in water quality, conservation, education, and national advocacy?

photo of Kathy Kelly with children in Iraq by Alan Pogue


Amal’s birthday
Kathy Kelly, interviewed by Carolyn McConnell
A devout Catholic broke the law, chose poverty, and went to live in a war zone. She says that doing so made life easier

global shift
The Meaning of Cancun

by Walden Bello
When the WTO talks in Cancun collapsed, the global balance of power shifted. How did it happen?

Celebrating Resistance
by Kera Abraham

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Letter to Readers
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

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Bolivia’s indigenous people say “enough!”
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Popcorn with your Social Change?
by Frances F. Korten
With the long nights of winter, thoughts turn to movies ...

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