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Working for Life

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Table of Contents
Spring 2001

why work?
Work dumbs us down, wears us out, and uses us up. So why do it? Let’s initiate a Golden Age of Play.
by Bob Black

real vacations for all
Why do affluent, super-productive Americans get two weeks or less of vacation while Europeans get four to six weeks?
by Juliet Schor

now i become myself
A vocation does not come from "out there." It’s what you find when you reclaim your original gifts.
by Parker Palmer

Danny Glover
He’s famous for leading roles in the Lethal Weapon series, Beloved, The Color Purple, and others. But Danny Glover’s real work goes well beyond the big screen. Helping to empower the most vulnerable people of the world — that’s what gets him up in the morning.
an interview with Sarah Ruth van Gelder

the white dog’s tale
Restaurateur Judy Wicks breaks all the rules. She pays a living wage. She uses expensive meat from humanely raised animals. She holds Table Talks on social and environmental issues. And she makes money, too.
by Maryann Gorman

communities work
These innovators are creating both communities that work and good work for their communities through businesses that make clothes, bicycles, tools, and food.

right livelihood
Our work can benefit the planet and future generations, or it can damage both. What is it in our own psyche that makes the difference?
by Matthew Fox


reimagining your life: These people created lives for themselves that express their uniqueness.
compiled by Elyse Fields
• An editor of a youth ‘zine: Ariel Meadows
• a lawyer-turned-tutor: Bob Dickerson
• a chef: Al Chase
• an activist: Roberto Maestas
• a performer: Lisa Zeiler

right livelihood resources
Ready to take back your life? Some resources to help you take the plunge.
by Rik Langendoen


Election 2000 Scrapbook
Corporate Democracy, Civic Disrespect by Jamie Galbraith
Building on MLK’s Legacy by Grace Boggs
Corporate Cabinet by Russell Mokhiber
Politics and Consciousness by John Hagelin
• a Voters’ Bill of Rights.

 global shift

Doing Right by the Planet
When world leaders failed to agree on action to halt climate change, they punted the problem right back to citizens.
by Bill McKibben

"We Withdraw Our Consent!" :The Year of Global Protest
Their legitimacy is seriously challenged in Thailand, Prague, Washington, Melbourne, and Seattle. How long can the institutions of globalization do business as usual?
by Walden Bello

in review

Cancer, Crimes & Compromises: a review of When Healing Becomes a Crime by Kenny Ausubel; alternative cancer treatments that are harrassed out of existence.
by Ellie Winninghoff



The State of the Possible III
The Positive Futures Network brings together innovators and activists to build bridges among diverse groups, all working for nothing less than social transformation.
by Frances F. Korten

Thank you, thank you!

Hundreds of people make PFN and this magazine possible. We couldn’t do it without you!
by Frances F. Korten



sustainable living

YES! … But How?
More on diesel vehicles (try biodiesel instead!), alternatives to chlorine bleach, moisturizing winter baths.
by Annie Berthold-Bond & Doug Pibel


Letter from the Editor

Readers’ Forum

Indicators: The Next NAFTA?; drugs in the water; Maine’s clean election; huge pension fund screens out sweatshops; Tonga’s gene pool "purchased" by biotech company

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