Consciousness And the Natural Law Party

Millions of voters cast their ballots for our Natural Law Party/Independence Party candidates, and many of these candidates were within striking distance of victory, with vote totals up to 30 percent. We raised over $4 million and built a network of 30,000 activists and volunteers. Most important, we laid the foundation for a powerful, broad-based movement that represents millions of independent voters.

While my heroic friends and colleagues in the Natural Law and Independence Parties are striving to consolidate our gains, expand our coalition, and prepare for the future, I will rededicate myself for the next few years to foundational research — laying the foundations in the deep knowledge of natural law and natural-law based solutions that will offer Americans a new and higher form of leadership.

Natural law is universally nourishing. Government truly in accord with natural law can, through win-win solutions, balance and fulfill the diverse needs of all citizens. An intrinsic weakness of our winner-take-all democracy is that leaders are elected with as little as 51 percent of the vote. These elected leaders, who lack our win-win solutions, are ready to sacrifice the interests of the minority for the sake of their 51 percent majority. Still worse, in the recent US election, only 49 percent of voters cast ballots for George W. Bush — which was only 25 percent of eligible voters. We elected a leader who is poised to sacrifice the majority for the sake of a small but financially powerful minority.

So I will work with the elected leadership and will continue to promote win-win solutions that are life-supporting and sustainable. In addition, under the auspices of my Brain Research Institute, I will resume my research in the vital field of human consciousness and its full development. America's problems are human problems, born of the tragic underutilization of our full mental and emotional potential. To survive and progress in this new millennium, we must better harness this, our most precious, national resource — the full creativity and intelligence of our 281 million citizens.

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