Why Positive Journalism Matters

Listen to Sarah van Gelder's Interview on Positive Journalism. 5 minutes

Sarah van Gelder.
Sarah van Gelder

"People are far more visionary and far more tuned in to what is really needed, and what is really possible, than we give them credit for. Our theory of change is that, as much as it is important to understand what is not working, it is every bit as important to know what is working. Because if you don't know where to put your energy, and you don't know that it will make any difference, why bother?

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It is part of our journalistic task—to pay attention to where there is news of successful change. Then we are furthering the process of social change."

YES! Editor Sarah van Gelder is interviewed by KBCS reporter Chris Vondrasek for One World Report.

Interview courtesy of KBCS

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