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Ahmed and the Return of the Arab Phoenix

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Still from the film Ahmed and the return of the Arab Phoenix spacer The Bald Ibis Is Back

Ahmed and the Return of the Arab Phoenix is the story of a handful of visionary men who are fighting in the desert to protect what is left of the biodiversity of Al Badia, the semi-arid desert steppe stretching from the Iraqi border to almost the Mediterranean coast. Their efforts will be rewarded by the discovery, in a remote area, of the last Middle Eastern breeding colony of the Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita) in the wild, one of the rarest migratory birds and a symbol of wisdom for the Bedouins of the desert.

Shot around the Palmyra oasis, Syria, not far from the Euphrates river and the Iraqi border, this documentary shows the efforts of the Syrian government to protect its natural heritage.

Ahmed and the Return of the Arab Phoenix
"The film is a humanizing portrayal of one person’s struggle in a tough environment, but Ahmed’s ultimate hopes are nearly universal. “For my children,” he says, “I would like a better life, more education, and keeping their traditional Bedouin culture with some love for nature and wildlife.”

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