What Would Jesus Buy?

spacer The Shopocalypse is Coming …

What Would Jesus Buy? follows Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir as they go on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from the Shopocalypse: the end of mankind from consumerism, over-consumption and the fires of eternal debt!

Watch The Story of Stuff
A 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns.

10 Little and Big Things You Can Do
Remember that old way (the old school throw-away mindset) didn't just happen by itself. It's not like gravity that we just gotta live with. People created it. And we're people too. So let's create something new.

Christmas With No Presents?
One family's daring experiment: Christmas without all the stuff.

Our Favorite Green Gift Ideas
The YES! staff short list of surprising and delightful gifts.

Bicycles Onto the Streets :: Critical Mass
Do you need a permit to ride bicycles in New York? Critical Mass bicyclists say the First Amendment is their permit.

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