Education for Peace in Guatemala

The Miguel Angel Asturias Academy

Students sing a school hymn "Paz, Queremos Paz," or "Peace, We Want Peace" at an assembly.
Photo by John Abernathy, Abernathy Photography
spacerMiguel Angel Asturias Academy

The nonprofit Miguel Angel Asturias Academy was founded in 1994 to address Guatemala's educational crisis. Located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, it serves more than 200 K-12 students, with an emphasis on children from the most vulnerable sectors of society.

Devoted to creating informed, critically-thinking, socially conscious citizens, the academy seeks to empower its students to become leaders and agents of change within their communities. It hopes to become a model for the transformation of Guatemala's education system, giving all children access to a quality education, and laying the foundation for a just, prosperous Guatemala.

Addressing Guatemala's Educational Crisis
Former YES! intern Ryan Richards works with the Academy and tells the story of a different kind of education.

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