This Brave Nation Series:

A remarkable series co-produced by The Nation magazine and Brave New Foundation, which brings together inspiring activists from different movements and generations, to discuss their ideas, ideals, and approaches to changing the world.


Van Jones & Carl Pope

On Environmentalism, New Media, Civil Rights, The Economy

Green-Collar Jobs for Urban America

Bonnie Raitt & Dolores Huerta

On Union Organizing, NAFTA, Human Rights, Environmentalism, Nuclear Energy, Feminism

Mexico's Grassroots Choose Co-ops and Fair Trade

Anthony Romero & Ava Lowery

On New Media, Iraq War, Bush Administration, Civil Liberties, Youth Activism, Gay Rights

People We Love :: Ava Lowery

Pete Seeger & Majora Carter

On Environmentalism, Hudson River, Urban Renewal, Protest Music, Civil Rights

How Can I Keep From Singing?

Naomi Klein & Tom Hayden

On Journalism, Global Economy, NAFTA, Iraq War, Feminism, "The Sixties"



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