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Power Shift Sydney
Street performance from Power Shift Sydney 2009
Navajo Nation Council Votes For Green Jobs
The first green jobs bill from America's First Nations promises much needed, culturally appropriate jobs.
Protecting What We Love: Judy Wicks
Interview with local living economies advocate Judy Wicks.
Marshmallows and Gratification
A TED talk by Joachim de Posada.
Flow :: Interview with the Director
Director Irena Salina on why more people in the West are becoming aware of the human and environmental impact of water scarcity, how reservoir privatization affects common people, and what the role of world government should be in resolving the problem before it's too late.
The Story of Agnes Pareyio
A Maasai woman challenges her tribe's tradition of female genital mutilation/cutting and provides a safe haven for young girls who do not want to undergo the practice.
Waseem Mahmood: Say No To Terrorism
After hearing his sons' ongoing frustration over the stereotypes of Islam they heard from schoolmates and the media, British Muslim producer Waseem Mahmood decided to take action—by creating a pop song and launching a movement.
A Conversation with Sherman Alexie
Enrique Cerna of KCTS 9 talks intimately with Alexie about his childhood on the Spokane Indian Reservation, overcoming illness and alcoholism, and the inspiration behind his award-winning novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.
Exxon Valdez—20 Years Later
by Riki Ott
20 years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Alaskan coastline remains contaminated, and residents still struggle for justice Riki Ott tells the story of the Exxon Valdez and the impacts of the oil spill on the ecosystem and the fishing communities along Alaskan coastlines.
Sarah van Gelder on GRITtv
by Sarah van Gelder, Laura Flanders
YES! Magazine's executive editor and co-founder Sarah van Gelder on why we need news and also solutions.
The Garden of Eatin'
Presidential households from Jefferson to Roosevelt kept gardens at the White House. Why shouldn’t President Obama? A colorful history of Pennsylvania Avenue’s “edible landscape.”
Video: Transformational Music
Treat yourself to a rapturous performance by El Sistema’s Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra, Venezuela’s finest high school musicians, many born into poverty.
The Omnivore's Next Dilemma
Are humans just pawns in plants’ clever strategy to rule the Earth? At this 2007 TEDTalk in Monterey, California, author Michael Pollan asks us to see the world from plants' perspective.
More Than Money: The Good Life Parable
by Mark Albion
In More Than Money: The Good Life Parable, a movie produced by Free Range Studios, author Mark Albion takes you to a chance meeting between an MBA and a fisherman on a small island. As the MBA tries to teach the fisherman about business, the fisherman teaches him about life.
Emmanuel Jal :: War Child
Riz Khan of Al Jazeera talks to young Sudanese hip-hop singer and activist Emmanuel Jal. Through a lot of luck and determination, he managed to turn his life around from the brutality of a child soldier, becoming one of Africa's hottest music stars.