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Watch our selection of clips telling inspiring stories of social change.

Inspiration For My Children
by Len Davis
You Now Have Permission to Like Each Other
by Len Davis
This Inauguration Has Moved My Soul
by Len Davis
Moving Away From Polarization
by Len Davis
President Obama Treads on New Territory
by Len Davis
Woke Up This Morning With My Mind Set On Obama
by Len Davis
Ready to Do the Work
by Len Davis
We're Here for the Deliverance of the Dream
by Len Davis
The Small Steps of People's Minds Changing
by Len Davis
Rallying Around the Message of Hope
by Len Davis
Enjoying the Moment with Barry
by Len Davis
If I Had a Hammer
by Len Davis
Let your light shine with this beautiful music.
Watching a Black Person Touch the Sky
by Len Davis
That Open Door We Have Been Waiting For
by Len Davis
Promises of Peace
by Len Davis
Medea Benjamin's words to YES! readers are the first in a series of stories from the inauguration.

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