New Economy
Homemade Prosperity

Caught in the consumer trap? Radical Homemaker Shannon Hayes discovered that producing what she needs at home lets her live on a fraction of what she thought she needed.

When Couches Become Communities

Venturesome travelers are using the web—and the couches of strangers—to create an international gift economy of hospitality.

How to Share a Waffle

Bartering for your breakfast: One step closer to a local economy?

How to Share Time

When dollars are scarce, timebanks help neighbors swap skills, instead.

A Call for a Democratic Economy

Raj Patel offers a stunning defense of democracy and a how-to guide for social justice activists of the next century.

Solidarity as Economic System

In Haiti, sharing communities are proving more shock-proof in the wake of disaster than market-based economies.

Iceland Busts the Banksters

In a symbolic decision, democracy trumps capital as Icelanders say "no" to big bank bailouts.

Womanshare Deals in Skills, Community

12 years ago YES! Magazine wrote about Womanshare, a grassroots group that allows members to exchange services for time, not money. Has the promise of the story we’ve published turned into reality?

Path to a Peace Economy

David Korten presented the following speech on October 19, 2009 during a keynote lecture at the Economics of Peace Conference in Sonoma, California.