New Economy
The Basic Function of Money

By connecting human needs and human resources, Time Dollars generate new wealth. The system also builds community as people are valued for their contributions and discover they can rely on one another.

Making Money

Money can be designed to enhance community, integrity, equity and sustainability - or it can do the opposite. The money-makers in this story created various kinds of local currency- and you can, too!

Beyond Greed and Scarcity

Few people have worked in and on the money system in as many different capacities as Bernard Lietaer. He spent five years at the Central Bank in Belgium, and he was president of Belgium's Electronic Payment System.

The Trouble With Money

There are much better ways to design money, says writer and monetary innovator, Thomas H. Greco

37 Ways to Join the Gift Economy

You don't have to participate in a local currency or service exchange to be part of the cooperative gift economy. Any time you do a favor for a family member, neighbor, colleague, or stranger you're part of it. Here are some ways you can spend time in the gift economy, where you'll find fun, freedom, and connection.