New Economy
Why Everyone Suffers in Unequal Societies

New research shows that, among developed countries, the healthiest and happiest aren't those with the highest incomes but those with the most equality. Epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson discusses why.

Putting the Science of Happiness Into Practice

Countries around the world are beginning to apply the science of well-being to the decisions they make. News from the 5th International Conference on Gross National Happiness.

Path to a Peace Economy

David Korten presented the following speech on October 19, 2009 during a keynote lecture at the Economics of Peace Conference in Sonoma, California.

The Prophets Versus Empire

The biblical prophets once cried out against corruption and injustice, calling people to a higher purpose. What might that look like today?

Money Versus Wealth

Instead of creating wealth, our money system is depleting our real wealth: our communities, ecosystems, and productive infrastructure