Move Our Money Month

Still haven’t moved your money out of Wall Street?
move your money still


Banks make money off of other people's money. A growing movement encourages ordinary people to invest their money in their communities, instead of in the “too big to fail” banks whose risky investments helped tank the economy.

A report from the firm Javelin Strategy and Research found that between November 2011 and January 2012 5.6 million people moved their money out of big banks and into local banks and credit unions.

May is Move Our Money Month. Want to join in? See these tips for moving your money.

  • The Occupy effect? In the last 3 months, Americans switched banks at three times the normal rate.

  • Big banks freeze out small business, but North Dakota’s state bank supports local jobs. The idea is catching on.

  • Video: What can you do when the bank takes away your house? Move into theirs.
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