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A fair economy that works for people and the planet.

Equity In the Air
by Tom Athanasiou
changing the climate, equity in the air, by Tom Athanasiou, YES! magazine
Join us in Seattle to Greet the WTO Join us in Seattle to Greet the WTO
by Fran Korten
In late November, dark, damp Seattle will turn into the hottest scene in America for making a statement about the rules our world is governed by and who benefits. Come join us!
What If We Shared?
by Sarah van Gelder
sharing tax revenues
Adding Up the Costs of Sprawl
by Tracy Rysavy
The Other Side of Freedom
by Vicki Robin
Is the freedom we have in the West to do as we please, to make enough money to distance ourselves from our families, to have fewer and fewer challenges to our comfort and our control over our lives, really freedom?
Stopping the Big Boxes
by Doug Pibel
stopping Wal-Mart
"Smart Growth" - Why Now?
by Peter Newman
Corporate Futures
by David Korten
David Korten, Paul Hawken, dialogue, corporate futures, sustainable business, post-corporate world
Responsible Wealth
by Donella Meadows
Donella Meadows finds a group of wealthy people organizing for greater fairness - for everyone.
City People: Women's Wealth
by Jane Wilson, Diana McCourt
Womanshare—a micro-economy of skill sharing, entrepreneurship, and mutual aid.
Virtual Ecology
by Margaret Wertheim
A virtual world of natural enchantment and connection - Osmose by Canadian artist Char Davies.
The Basic Function of Money The Basic Function of Money
by Jonathan Rowe
A nonprofit HMO for seniors called .
Brewing a Future :: Zero Emissions in Namibia
by Keto Mshigeni, Gunter Pauli
A southern African brewery spawns a chicken farm, a fish farm, a mushroom plantation, a Spirulina plantation, an earthworm farm, jobs, and hope
Money Is a Human Artifact
by Edgar Cahn
Edgar Cahn developed Time Dollars as a way to rebuild community life.
Managing for Life
by Donella Meadows
Going green has challenged the ingenuity of CEO Ray Anderson of Interface - but he wouldn't have it any other way, says Donella Meadows
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