New Economy
Of, By and For Seniors: Japanese Seniors Co-operatives

Japanese families are getting smaller while the ranks of the aged are growing. A co-operative has stepped into this vacuum, connecting thousands of elders who have something to give and something to receive.

Two Crises, One Solution

Van Jones believes there is a better future for young people than prisons and there is a better future for the Earth than ecological collapse. The solutions for the two may be the same.

In Brazil: Creating a New Reality

Thousands of displaced Brazilian families are taking back the land, setting up schools, homes, cooperatives, and organic farms—and re-envisioning the future of Brazil.

Students Break Out

Looking for more out of your spring breaks than suntans and late night parties? These young people experienced adventure, camaraderie, and the satisfaction of making a difference--plus a few surprises

Pranksters Sink the WTO

They started out as small-time pranksters. But when their fake WTO website began drawing invitations from around the world to speak on behalf of the World Trade Organization, they rose to the challenge.

A Life Lived Whole

“There is in all things … a hidden wholeness.”