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Building a Just and Sustainable World   December 2008
YES! Magazine Cover issue 48: Sustainable Happiness

Sustainable Happiness

Good Lives
The Good Life Doesn’t Have to Cost the Planet
This is what a day looks like in a perfect—post-consumerist—world.

The Dalai Lama, wikimedia

This is Your Brain on Bliss
After 2,000 years of study, Buddhist monks know that happiness takes practice. Just put your mind to it. Here’s how.

Holding Hands, wikimedia

Grief's Hidden Gift
Wendy Call explores what it meant to share her dying mother’s final weeks of life.

coffee smile, Niko Guido/IStock

10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy
Scientists can tell us how to be happy. Really.
Here are 10 ways, with the research to prove it.

Happiness-in-Action Heroes
Happiness-in-Action Heroes
Tina quits her day job, Mark keeps the secular Sabbath, Tal teaches happiness at Harvard, Titus offers wet-nose touch.
Check out these 12 Secrets to Happiness…

The YES! Happiness-in-Action Heroes
Plan for a New Economy
Cover detail of The Web of Debt by Ellen Brown
YES! Magazine graphic
Renay Peters, in front of her Dudley Neighborhood house. Photo by Evan Richman for the Boston Globe
A Radical Plan for Funding the New Deal
How the Obama administration can transform the banking system and fund the “New” New Deal.
spacer The Obama Economic Stimulus
Will it take us where we need to go? asks Sarah van Gelder in an open letter to the president-elect.

No Foreclosures Here
Homeowners across the country are losing their homes. But in a Boston community land trust, all residents can keep a roof over their heads.

Van Jones and the Green Collar Economy
Van Jones in an interview with Sarah van Gelder
As Obama considers how to fulfill his #1 campaign pledge, green jobs, we talk with Van Jones. The leading advocate for a green collar economy shares his vision for building a movement.

What Would Jesus Buy DVD cover Government can Fund Green Jobs, Even Now
What Would Jesus Buy DVD cover From Multiplying Enemies to Creating Friends
What Would Jesus Buy DVD cover Bridging Movements: Green Jobs and Social Justice

Tell Us What You Think
Share Your Table, papercut by Nikki McClure
Share Your Table, by Nikki McClure

The Spring 2009 issue of YES! Magazine will be all about good food from the Earth to the table.

We’ll look at how to make sure everyone can eat, even during tough economic times.

It’s time for a whole new food system—one that respects the Earth and provides good food for everyone. We’ll share the stories of the people who are transforming food, the pioneers of good food for all.

Help us think about this issue:

Have you changed what you eat or how you think about food?

How do you use food to nourish relationships with your community?


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Yes! But How?
Winter Warmer
What’s the right long underwear choice for me and the earth: wool or polyester?
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YES! Web Picks
What Would Jesus Buy?
What Would Jesus Buy DVD cover Reverend Billy goes on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from the Shopocalypse.

Power of Forgiveness
The Power of Forgiveness DVD cover “It is not possible to achieve by anger and revenge what the soul is longing for.”

Dhamma Brothers
Dhamma Brothers DVD cover A maximum-security prison is dramatically changed by the influence of an ancient meditation program.

Dalai Lama Renaissance
Dalai  Lama Renaissance DVD cover The Dalai Lama invited leading thinkers to discuss solutions to the world's problems. One of the featured thinkers: our own Fran Korten!

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