More from the Spring 2012 issue of YES! Magazine including Can There Be “Good” Corporations? and Free Your (Eco)Mind
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         April 2012 

The Importance of Being Sassy
Dollar Bill photo courtesy of Occupy George
How Occupiers, pranksters, and artists speak louder than money.


California’s New Triple Bottom Line
Benefit Corp photo by Debra Baida
Best in the world? Try best FOR the world. The Golden State welcomes a new kind of corporation.


George Siemon. Photo courtesy of Organic Valley Can There Be “Good” Corporations?
by Marjorie Kelly

When companies are owned by workers and the community—instead of Wall Street financiers—everything changes.

Our economic system is profoundly broken. To anyone paying attention, that much is clear. But what’s less clear is this: Our approach to fixing the economy is broken as well. The whole notion of “fighting corporate power” arises from an underlying belief that there is no alternative to capitalism as we know it. Starting from the insight that capitalism has become virtually a universal economy, we conclude that our best hope is to regulate corporations and work for countervailing powers like unions. But then we’ve lost before we begin. We’ve defined ourselves as marginal and powerless.

There is another approach. It’s bubbling up all around us in the form of economic alternatives like cooperatives, employee-owned firms, social enterprises, and community land trusts.

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These articles come from
the Spring Issue of YES! Magazine.


End Corporate Rule, the Spring 2012 issue of YES! Magazine
  Make Your Dollars Matter  

Dump Your Bank photo by Jonathan Clark
Money Laundry Line
church divestment still
Dollar photo by Derek and Kristi

Watch Us Move Our Millions
Cities, churches, and colleges take steps to move their money home.
8 Ways to De-Corporatize Your Money
Debit or credit? Keep your dollars out of corporate clutches.
A Separation of Church and Bank
Video: After Bank of America foreclosed on thousands of homes in their San Jose parish, the members of this Catholic church bid it goodbye—and took $3 million with them.
5 Ways to Make Your Dollars Make Sense
Concerned about Wall Street’s devastating impact on communities? Then invest in yourself—the most local investment of all.
  Also in the Spring 2012 Issue …  
Eco-Mind Illustration

Free Your (Eco)Mind
Think like an ecosystem—and you just might save the world.

The view that our species is basically brutal defies the evidence: “There is a very tiny handful of incidences of conflict and possible warfare before 10,000 years ago,” says archaeologist Jonathan Haas of the Field Museum in Chicago, “and those are very much the exception.” Our species has a vastly longer experience evolving in close-knit communities, knowing our lives depended on one another. The result is at least six inherent traits we can foster, once we learn to navigate the world with the map of eco-mind.
  1. Cooperation
  2. Empathy
  3. Fairness
  4. Efficacy
  5. Meaning
  6. Imagination, Creativity, and Attraction to Change
  7. Efficacy
  What’s New Online  

Occupy ALEC, photo by Mark Haller heart girl by Adriel O. Socrates may day sticker by Akbar Simonse south of france by maria gomes

ALEC Retreats, Sort Of
by Brooke Jarvis

Following activist pressure and corporate defections, ALEC says it’s dropping its Stand Your Ground and voter ID efforts. So what comes next?
Practical Compassion: An Interview with Karen Armstrong
by Heidi Bruce

The historian has helped world religions unite behind a single principle. But can a worldwide charter for compassion become more than just a nice idea?
A May Day Like No Other
by Nathan Schneider

What to expect from Occupy’s next big action.
Radical Homemaking ... In the South of France?
by Shannon Hayes

Do radical homemaking and foreign travel mix?
  Did you miss…  

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Running their own utility means sun and wind energy instead of coal.

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For hundreds of years, he’s fought tax injustice, tyranny, and the seizure of the commons. Why we still need him today.

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  People Power 

four trees by  b k
Occupy, the 99% Spring, and the New Age of Direct Action
by Mark Engler

Collaboration or cooptation? Expansion or dilution? Mark Engler on what to make of the 99% Spring.


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Join YES! and Media for the 99% on May Day

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  Facts that tell a story 

Image from Alex Clark's animation for YES! Magazine The Page That Counts
Estimated average student debt of 2011 college graduates: $27,200.

Percentage of 2011 college graduates moving back into their parents’ house: 85

:: MORE Page That Counts

  Web Picks  


Koch Greenpeace Blimp. Photo courtesy of Greenpeace

The Koch Brothers Exposed
How far do the tentacles of the Kochtopus reach? Follow the money with this collection of 13 short films.

Want to Keep Your Dollars Out of Corporate Clutches? 8 Ways to De-corporatize Your Money. Click. Get the Poster. Just $3.
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