Health, Happiness, and Healing in this preview of the Bodies issue of YES!
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         August 2012 

In this newsletter, a preview of the new issue of YES!
It’s Your Body

The human body has long been a political and cultural battleground: Health, sexuality, gender identity, and body image are subjects of heated debate. We are encouraged to relinquish control over decisions about our bodies—to industry, advertisers, and experts. In the new issue of YES! Magazine, we examine ways we can reclaim decisions about our bodies, our health, and our physical experience of the world.

Cover of the Fall 2012 issue of YES!

Eve Ensler portrait. Photo by Lane Hartwell for YES! Magazine THE YES! INTERVIEW
Eve Ensler: Freedom Starts With a “V”

Why does the word “vagina” cause more controversy than words like “scud missile” or “plutonium”? What is hidden in our culture’s silence around women’s bodies? The Vagina Monologues playwright says knowing your body can shake up the world, “dance is the greatest form of revolution,” and nothing is more important than stopping violence against women.

“As a global society, we still don’t understand the magnitude of this issue. One out of three women on the planet will be beaten or raped in her lifetime. That’s one billion women! If we are mutilating, beating, raping, and selling women, it impacts everything around them—their children and the way men are brought up. It affects women’s ability to be intimate and safe, to walk through the world with openness and tenderness, to be competent, to have jobs, to learn and teach. We have no idea the energy, the thinking, the vision, the brilliance that’s been lost because women are terrorized by violence.”


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  Featured Online Story  

The old logic of the slave plantation is still the logic of our industrial food system, 500 years in the making. There's a new way of thinking, and it's taking off.

Anim SteelA Critical Mass for Real Food
by Anim Steel

When the first abolitionists set out to end the British slave trade, the whole world economy was built on slave labor. It was crazy to try to change that—but it worked. Our industrial food system still values profit at the expense of people. See how people, in the spirit of the first abolitionists, are finding new—and surprising—ways to change that.


  What’s New Online  

Holding hands, photo by Nic Snell
tiny house painting by Tracy Booth
Summer Pond photo by Leland Francisco
Eyes by Ahmed Sinan

Happiness Comes From Respect, Not Riches
by Stacey Kennelly

A series of studies shows that wealth doesn’t make us happier—but the respect of others does.
Think Small: A New Housing Model
by Doug Pibel

Why go back to the way things were when we can create housing that embraces the best of tradition and the best of new thinking?
What We Learned From Swimming With Leeches
by Shannon Hayes

The appearance of “bloodsucking parasites” in one farm family’s pond got them thinking: How could we be so comfortable with our natural world, yet paranoid about harmless—and helpful—creatures in it?
What Can Change When We Learn to See Each Other
by Akaya Windwood

Here’s my invitation to you: Let’s take a month and intentionally notice those we would normally not see. Let’s interrupt old patterns of not looking into the eyes of “those people”—whoever they are to you.

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Strawberry photo by CraigBetter Eating Through Mindfulness

How can increasing your awareness of tasting, craving, and satisfaction be a tool for healthier eating? Here's what psychologists have to say.

  Book Review  

Prophetic Encounters Book CoverRadical Religion, an American Tradition

Prophetic Encounters reminds us that we are part of a long and rich tradition that is more than simply a series of isolated movements for social change.

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African Air still by George Steinmetz

Paragliding Africa
How one photographer captured the continent from the sky—with a fan strapped to his back.

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