5 Holiday Parlor Games to Make Your Gatherings More Fun and How Ordinary Iraqis Rescued U.S. Civilians in the Midst of Shock and Awe
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         December 2012 

Tophat Illustration 5 Holiday Parlor Games to Make Your Gatherings More Fun

Spoons, sardines, telephone charades, and other activities to put a boost in your get-togethers.

Christmas Card photo by Lauren Manning
Letterbox photo by Paul Simpson
Still of Hannah Brencher from video
3 Lessons for Gracious Living in a Stuff-Filled Season
by Fran Korten

Last year, YES! publisher Fran Korten shared her efforts to move more stuff out of her house than into it. With the season of “stuff” upon us again, here’s what she’s learned about unstuffing her life.
The Gift of Remembering Those We’ve Lost
by Shannon Hayes

All of us lose loved ones over the course of our lives, and the pain of those losses is especially sharp during the holiday season. Passing on their memories to younger generations is a gift that truly lasts.
How Writing Love Letters to Hundreds of Strangers “Absolutely Healed Me”

To cope with intense loneliness after moving to New York City, Hannah Brencher offered to write an old-fashioned love letter to any stranger who needed one. She never guessed how many people she would ultimately reach.
It’s Not Too Late.


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Some war stories are best forgotten, and some are best retold.

Photo by Jamir Moffatt“You Are Safe With Us”: How Ordinary Iraqis Rescued U.S. Civilians in the Midst of War

In 2003, Iraqi townspeople, having just lost their hospital in U.S. air strikes, saved the lives of three wounded U.S. peacemakers. Seven years later, the Americans returned—to thank them.


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How I Survived Breaking Up with My Car
by Erin L. McCoy

Erin McCoy tells the story of how she gave up driving, despite her love for cars, and examines the challenges facing drivers who don't live in cities.
In EU Parliament, a Landslide Vote for “Robin Hood Tax”
by Sarah Anderson

Eleven countries in Europe hope to raise billions of Euros through a tiny tax on financial speculation. This week, a major vote in the European parliament brings that plan one step closer to becoming reality.
4 Ways to Leap the “Fiscal Cliff” to a Better U.S.A.
by Sarah van Gelder

Sarah van Gelder looks beyond the hype about the deficit and finds four ways to balance the books while protecting our health and financial security.
The “People’s Bailout” Was Just the Beginning: What’s Next for Strike Debt?
by Fabien Tepper

Thomas Gokey is one of the creators of Occupy’s Rolling Jubilee, which is preparing to purchase and cancel $9 million of ordinary people’s medical debt. Here, he speaks about the project’s origins, methods, and future.

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