More from YES! Magazine’s Winter 2012 issue, The YES! Breakthrough 15, featuring the final three of the 15 honorees, Deb Richter, Deepak Bhargava, and Alison Smith
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         January 2012 :: The YES! Breakthrough 15 

Deb Richter by Kurt Budliger
Deb Richter: A Cure for Broken Health Care

“She packed up and moved her life and family so she could push for the only health care solution that makes sense to us: single-payer health care.”—Madeline Ostrander

“I never felt like I had a choice about getting involved in this struggle… I couldn't stop and I never will.” Meet the doctor from Vermont who is fighting for equal access to healthcare for everyone.



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Deepak Bhargava by Our Future
Deepak Bhargava: A Voice for the Grassroots Inside the Beltway

“Throughout history, social change—abolition, suffrage, civil rights, and worker rights—has depended on the work of millions of people. We are called today to build another such movement for a just society—and each and every person can make a unique and powerful contribution.” —Deepak Bhargava


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  Corporate Rule Is Not Inevitable  

Alison Smith photo

Alison Smith: Elections Money Can’t Buy

When Alison Smith was raising her kids in a small Connecticut town, a developer illegally drained the water from a large marsh adjoining her backyard. “Gradually it dawned on me that he’d broken the wetland regulations. I went to a town meeting and waited for someone to say something. Nobody did. So I voiced my opinions as best I could, red-faced, hesitant, and embarrassed. I found all these other people were thinking the same thing.”

Alison Smith speaking
7 signs the corporatocracy is losing its legitimacy ... and 7 populist tools to help shut it down.
Some say corporations have such a strong grip on politicians and big media that it is impossible to challenge them, no matter how many of us there are. But Sarah van Gelder believes we can do it. There are actually a lot of tools at our disposal.
parody by takomabibelot
  What’s New Online  

tar sands obama sign by tarsandsaction camels by trim tab WWMLK do still windmills by artemyo lagalag

How the Pipeline Died—And How to Bury It For Good
by Jamie Henn

The inside story: Grassroots strategies paid off for the climate movement in a big way.

Local Economies for a Global Future
by Jason F. McLennan

Yes, we need to relocalize—but that doesn’t mean we’re headed for provincialism. Anticipating our near-heavy, far-light future.

Occupy the Dream: MLK’s Legacy in the Age of Occupy

What would Martin Luther King, Jr. have made of the worldwide social movements of 2011?
A Jump Start for the Clean Economy
by Maria Gallucci

A little-known source of clean energy funding could prove a crucial job-creation engine in the states.

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The YES! Breakthrough 15: It’s a blessing to risk it all to stop climate change—even if it means jail time.

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An eco-friendly bicycle bus harnesses the pedal power of kids.

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Occupy A New Conversation
by David Korten

OWS Photo by Doctor Tongs America is a tale of two economies: one serves Wall Street, and the other is accountable to the rest of us. Which one will we choose?

  Facts that tell a story 

Image from Alex Clark's animation for YES! Magazine The Page That Counts
Percentage of Muslim Americans who say military attacks on civilians are never justified: 78; Catholics: 39.

Average number of people killed annually in shark attacks from 2001-2010: 4; Number of sharks killed annually by people: 26-73 million

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Musical inspiration while putting out this issue: Listen to tracks No Banker Left Behind, Can’t Keep, and watch the trailer for The Bridge School Concerts 25th Anniversary Edition.

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