More from the Spring 2012 End Corporate Rule issue featuring Strategy #2: Dive Into Grassroots Campaigns
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  9 Strategies to End Corporate Rule         March 2012 

Bold Nebraska photo by Alex Matzke

Ben Gotschall of Bold Nebraska: “A lot of people have come to the conclusion that leaders are ... not going to take action, and it’s up to the citizens to make them do what is right.”

Photo by Alex Matzke for YES! Magazine.


A Bold Win Against Big Oil

How people power stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline.

This year, a broad coalition of environmental activists, citizens from conservative ranch and farm communities, Obama supporters, and celebrities (such as Daryl Hannah, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Mark Ruffalo) shot down the Keystone XL pipeline.

Their strategies could set the tone for more climate change struggles to come. According to James Hansen’s predictions, the world has only a few years to begin changing its fossil-fuel-burning ways before greenhouse-gas concentrations in the atmosphere are too high to avoid catastrophic global consequences, such as large-scale water and food shortages. But transforming the energy economy will require not merely facing down the fossil-fuel industry but removing its chokehold on government.


Bill McKibben Bill McKibben: “The Biggest Fight of Our Time”

One of the world’s best-known climate activists gets personal about the enormous task of saving our planet.


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9 Strategies to End Corporate Rule, the Spring 2012 issue of YES! Magazine

  More of Strategy #2—Dive Into Grassroots Campaigns      

Nurses for Tax Justice photo by SJSEEM
Nurses Fight for a Dose of Tax Justice

Before there was Occupy, thousands of nurses were already taking on Wall Street to demand a financial transaction tax.

By now, nurses in bright red scrubs are a familiar sight at rallies in Washington, D.C., New York City, and at Occupy protests around the country. National Nurses United (NNU), a union representing registered nurses, is a major, visible force in the growing movements challenging corporate power.

Several months before the birth of the Occupy movement, they were already mobilizing thousands of their members to speak out against Wall Street. One of their key demands is a financial transaction tax: a small fee on each trade of stocks, derivatives, bonds, and other financial instruments, which could generate massive revenues while discouraging high-frequency speculative trading.


Vermont Health Care photo courtesy of Jobs with Justice
How to Cover Everyone: Vermont’s Single-Payer Success

The state’s progressive health care model has already bolstered campaigns in more than 20 other places.



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  Do We Occupy The Elections?  

Three articles to help you frame your participation in the 2012 elections.

Your Vote/Voice Counts
Your Vote/Voice Counts
Question, photo by The U.S. Army
Now, Let’s Occupy the Ballot
During election season, all eyes turn to politics. How do we ensure that the interests of the 99 percent are represented in the halls of power?

Change Now, Vote Later
Political answers will come when we build a network of solidarity and action that pushes on all fronts for a true democracy.
How to Ask Candidates Questions that Make a Difference
Tips for spreading your ideas without getting the runaround.
  What’s New Online  

Farms Fight Fracking by Not An Alternative dandelion kid by fabian bromann Pancho Ramos Stierle, painting by Ly V Hoàng money face by Bart

Fracking Bans that Can Stand
by Maura Stephens

In New York, judges are standing up for communities’ rights to say no to corporate drilling.

When It Comes to Kids, Is Climate a Four-Letter Word?
by Shannon Hayes

When and how should we talk to kids about the dangers of climate change? One mother’s take.

Pancho Ramos Stierle: Nonviolence Is Radical
by Sarah van Gelder

An interview with the activist who made headlines when he was arrested while meditating at Occupy Oakland.

How to Find Meaning and Money in Your Work
by Billy Parish

In this time when the world needs your best self, the four stages of getting there.

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  Signs of Life 

Needle photo by Steven Depolo European Union Bans Export of Death Penalty Drugs
by Jennifer Kaye
The EU makes a bold move towards the abolition of executions everywhere.  

Recall Walker photo by Martin Saunders One Million in Wisconsin Want Recall
by Valerie Schloredt
How a grassroots coalition convinced more than a million voters to challenge their state’s controversial governor.  

  Web Picks  


citizens united animation still

How Much is That Politician in the Window?
A record season of corporate-funded political advertising and what it means for the 99 percent.

gmo car by daniel lobo

Just Label It: Let Us Know It’s GMO
Wouldn’t it be nice if they had to tell you what’s in your food?

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