More strategies to End Corporate Rule: Hold Corporations Accountable to Our Laws and Get Past the Propaganda
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Guy Fawkes photo by Stephen O'Byrne

Monopoly Guy graphicStrategy #4—Get Past the Propaganda

“Social Security is Broke”—and Other Corporate Scare Tactics
by Lisa Graves

For years, corporations have been peddling myths to rally us behind their interests. Here are three things everyone “knows,” and why they’re wrong:
  • “Social Security is Broke”
    For more than 30 years, opponents of Social Security have peddled this lie.
  • Tort Reform “Creates Jobs”
    Tort reform is a made-up phrase that really means changing the rules for Americans killed or injured by corporations or other defendants.
  • We Need the Keystone XL Pipeline for Our “Jobs and National Security”
    The richest industry on the planet is putting money behind claims that controversial energy projects, from natural gas fracking to the Keystone XL pipeline, are essential to our national security
Winston Churchill reportedly said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on.” That was before corporations had perfected the art of public relations, investing millions of dollars in PR campaigns to advance their commercial and political interests.

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Who Really Gets Burned With Tort Reform?
by Doug Pibel

It’s not about protecting ordinary people. It’s about the profits of the people and corporations who cause injuries.



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  Hold Corporations Accountable to Our Laws  

A Legal Arsenal For Ordinary People
EPA Protest photo courtesy of Rainforest Action Network Revoke their Charters
by Robert Weissman

The last few years have seen a series of corporate catastrophes, for which the perpetrator companies have escaped any meaningful accountability. Big banks and giant Wall Street firms tricked and ripped off homeowners and investors, and crashed the national and global economy. BP’s reckless operations poisoned the Gulf of Mexico in one of the worst oil disasters in history. Massey Energy’s cost-cutting led to the Upper Big Branch coal mine collapse that killed 29 workers … We the People, and our government representatives, do have the power to hold companies accountable for the wrongs they commit.


  Peace & Justice  

What can be done to stop needless violence like the killing of Trayvon Martin? justice wanted by werth media
Stand Your Ground to Stop the Violence
by Sarah van Gelder

For far too long, violence targeting young people of color has been tolerated, even condoned, in the United States. The killing of Trayvon Martin is part of a horrific history—one that can only be stopped if all of us, of all colors, take a stand. That means standing up to individual acts of violence, but also to systematic efforts to make our laws friendly to big corporations that profit from guns and violence.


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life track tractor by sean church 220x165 capitol sold by Brendan Hoffman Foreclosure protest, photo by Fibonacci Blue Statue Thinking photo by Dimirtri

A DIY Civilization
by Colleen Shaddox

Can we create the machines of modern life sustainably, cheaply, and close to home?
In Small Groups and Small Towns, Opposition to Citizens United Spreads
by Sarah Byrnes

Ordinary, introverted Jennifer Robinson helped convince her town to officially oppose the Supreme Court decision. You can, too, with a little help from your friends.
Occupy’s Front Line Moves to the Front Lawn
by Laura Gottesdiener

Closing down banks and holding up families, the fight against unjust foreclosures takes off.
Why Leaving Goldman Sachs Breaks the Rules of the Game
by Elizabeth Doty

Defector Greg Smith has been called dishonest, unprofessional, and self-serving. But what might he be telling us about how to do business responsibly?
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