A preview of YES! Magazine’s Summer 2012 issue, Making It Home: After the Crash, featuring 6 Ideas for Sensible Homes
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         May 2012 

In this newsletter, a preview of the new issue of YES!
Making It Home: After the Crash

When the real estate bubble popped, we learned what happens if we make our homes into commodities. The mess is not yet cleaned up—but it’s a perfect opportunity for a fresh look at what “home” means. The new issue of YES! Magazine tells the stories of people who are fighting foreclosures, finding cooperative ways to own homes, and building small and green on a budget. They’re showing us how to create homes for stability and long-term, soul-sustaining links to the natural world and to community. Here’s how we can make it home.

Cover of the Summer 2012 issue of YES!
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Ella with Her Dad. Photo by Dawn Jenkins.
6 Ideas for Sensible Homes

Small, supportive, affordable, recycled—and you can build your own.

For years, the rule when buying a home was “Borrow as much as you can, buy the biggest place you can, and fill it up with stuff.” Turns out that didn’t make sense for a lot of people. We found six examples of sensible approaches to a new model of homeownership, including: test the limits of “small,” finance without a bank, share your space, and dump your stuff. If enough of us do it, we’ll create homes for everyone.


25 staining.jpg
How I Found Happiness (in 130 Square Feet)

Photo Essay: Think you don't know how to build your own house? Neither did 23-year-old Ella Jenkins, before she picked up the tools and started.

“The building of my tiny house has been the single most rewarding and terrifying thing I have ever undertaken.”



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  Multigenerational Lessons  

Decades ago, the legendary journey of the open-ocean canoe Hokule‘a revealed secrets of Hawai‘i’s past and sparked pride in native culture. Now, a voyage around the world offers a new generation lessons about Earth’s uncertain future.
Hokule‘a. Polynesian Voyaging Society Photo Rising Sea Levels: The View from a Canoe
by Sena Christian

Nearly 35 years—and 140,000 nautical miles—after her first voyage from Hawai‘i to Tahiti, the oceangoing canoe Hokule‘a was hauled into drydock, her hull rotten. Since then, volunteers have logged 15,000 hours returning the vessel to seaworthy condition.

Among the volunteers working to return Hokule‘a to the sea by 2013 are members of Kapu Na Keiki (“to hold the children sacred”), young people who are learning traditional sailing and wayfaring, some of whom will be part of the crew for a planned four-year worldwide journey.

Hokule‘a’s first voyage demonstrated that, far from an accidental landfall by sailors lost and adrift, the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands was the result of a sophisticated system of instrument-free navigation. The 2013 voyage is intended to raise awareness of climate change and its potential effects on island culture and to show how Hawai‘i can provide a model of sustainability.


  YES But How?  
Cat Illustration

6 Tips for Green Pet Care
Sustainable, low-cost, and natural ways to care for your critters.

Studies show that pet owners are healthier and happier. You want those benefits, but you’re concerned about the environmental impact. Here are six ways to make your pet more Earth-friendly:
  1. The Perfectly Sustainable Pet
  2. Low-Cost Vet Care
  3. Adopt a Mutt
  4. Flea-Free Home
  5. Toys and Treats
  6. Waste Not

  What’s New Online  

all the same by eyes of new york mother and son by Joe Newman thermometer by Joe Chung judge gavel by s_falkow

May Day and the Revolution of Everyday Life
by Marina Sitrin

Marina Sitrin offers her take on the May Day actions in New York.
“You Have My Permission to Wear a Hoodie Every Day”
by Rasha Hamid

In the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death, what advice should a mother give to her young, brown son? Rasha Hamid pondered that question, and wrote this poem to her son Jibreel.
A Worldwide Effort to Make Climate Change Visible
by Bill McKibben

It’s time for each of us to get involved in the full-on fight between misinformation and truth.
Taking Monsanto to the People’s Court
by Blair Braverman

With the legal system failing to hold Monsanto accountable, Iowans convened a court of public opinion.
  Did you miss…  

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  Special Coverage!

May Day Makes Waves in Seattle

Photo Essay: Hip hop rallies, immigrant marches, and ... Grandmothers Against Bullshit?

  Web Picks  


growing cities still

Growing Cities: An Urban Farming Road Trip
Can farming revitalize our cities and change the way we eat? Follow two friends across the United States to find out.


Still from Dan Phillips TEDx video

Reclaim, Recycle, and Reimagine Your House
Just because a 2x4 isn’t straight doesn’t mean it can’t be used. Meet a contractor who would rather raid the dump than the lumber aisle.

Music Music picks for Spring MUSIC

YES! Music for Spring
Musical inspiration while putting out this issue: Listen to tracks from Peace Love Ukulele, Monsters of Folk, and Chimes of Freedom.

YES! Magazine's 2nd Annual Celebration of People Power. June 6, 2012, Town Hall, Seattle. With Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker, bestselling author Frances Moore Lappé, and Hawaiian slack-key guitar player Makana. Tickets on sale now.
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