More from the It’s Your Body issue of YES! Magazine including The Hazards of Manhood and Traditional Foods Help Remind Us Who We Are, plus Hurricane Coverage
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         November 2012 

Manhood graphicThe Hazards of Manhood
by Michael Schwalbe

Most American men know perfectly well the qualities they must display to be considered fully creditable as men: power, competitiveness, and toughness. This turns out to be enormously useful for generating profit. Just give men opportunities to display manhood in these ways and they’ll do things that add to the bottom line, even if it’s to their own detriment.

But this kind of manhood striving is driven by a contradiction: To be a real man in U.S. society, one must have or display power—the capacity to exert control over one’s self and the surrounding world—but the fact is that most men in a capitalist society have little or no power. For most men, striving for manhood status is an attempt to evade this contradiction, to escape the psychic pain it causes.

Teaching males to seek feelings of worth through displays of power, toughness, and competitiveness turns male bodies into readily exploitable generators of profit. Every year, thousands of men quietly work themselves to exhaustion, bad health, and premature death. Or they take risks and suffer fatal workplace injuries.

If we want to stop paying these costs, we will need to take at least two kinds of action.


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  More from the Fall issue of YES! Magazine …  

Cut fish. Photo courtesy of Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission.Traditional Foods Help Remind Us Who We Are
by Kim Eckart

Valerie Segrest was berry picking on Mount Rainier—a part of maintaining the meadows—with her fellow Muckleshoot tribal members, sampling in search of the sweetest patch. She stared at the mountain, experiencing an it-looks-so-good-I-could-eat-it moment: She realized, “I was tasting the mountain, in a way.”

That epiphany helped inspire her to work with Northwest tribes to promote the importance of local foods and cultural practices. That means encouraging people to eat seasonally—nettles in spring, for instance, and berries in summer—and to make the effort to gather food in the wild.

Segrest’s classes on finding, preparing, and storing Native foods fill up fast. But it’s the connection to the past, and the sense of community in the present, that she is most proud of.


  People We Love  

maryam henein 555
Sharat 555
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Julie Erfle 555x370


Concerned about dwindling bee populations, this journalist undertook a five-year labor of love to educate the public about the harmful impact of pesticides on bees.

When Sharat noticed that Americans without access to affordable, healthy food didn’t eat as well as his family, he decided to do his part to change that.

“Theater should reflect reality,” says Daniel Beaty, a playwright, singer, and performer who takes on hard social issues like race and class in his one-man shows.

Instead of turning against undocumented immigrants after her husband’s killing, this journalist chose to work for positive policy reform.

  What’s New Online  

Oakland Base photo by Mark Boyer
Jill Stein by Paul Stein-555.jpg
Elephant on hospital bill by Truthout-555.jpg
Delicate arch by caddymod-555.jpg

At Oakland’s Abandoned Army Base, a Jobs Plan Brings Hope to Locals
by Mark Andrew Boyer

A new $1 billion plan to turn a vacant base into a shipping and logistics center will create thousands of jobs for the Oakland residents who need them most.
Green Party’s Jill Stein: A Missing Voice in Presidential Debates
by Sarah van Gelder

The Green Party wasn’t represented at the presidential debates. Here’s what we might have heard if Jill Stein had gotten her say.
Mitt Romney’s Health Care Plan Won’t Fix Our Budgets—Or Our Bodies
by Madeline Ostrander

According to Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, letting consumers make choices in the market will bring down health care costs. YES! Senior Editor Madeline Ostrander shows why that’s not the cure we’re after.
5 Ways to Protect the Rights of Future Generations
by Melanie Jae Martin

This fall, 150 women gathered in the desert town of Moab, Utah, to discuss the changes we would need to respect the rights of future generations.

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  Hurricane Coverage  

New York hurricaneWill “Frankenstorm” Hurricane Sandy End Climate Silence?
by Duncan Meisel

While our two main candidates for president have avoided the topic of global warming, the climate itself is anything but silent.

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