More from the Bodies issue of YES! Magazine, featuring the Good Food Cure, Widespread War on Reproductive Rights, and tools for Quieter, Healthier Yard Work plus a Grant Opportunity!
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         September 2012 

Detroit_0093BIG.jpg. Photo by Michael HansonDetroit’s Good Food Cure
by Larry Gabriel

In Detroit, the population is 82 percent African-American, the unemployment rate is twice the national average, and the poverty rate is high.

African-American adults are twice as likely as non-Hispanic whites to be diagnosed with diabetes—and more than twice as likely to die from the disease.

Even though African-Americans suffer from higher rates of these diet-related illnesses, all American demographics are suffering increasingly from the effects of bad diets and lack of exercise. Getting Americans to eat a healthier diet is a growing concern. In cities across the nation, an urban agriculture movement focused on overcoming food scarcity and promoting healthy eating is driving a local food movement.



Just the Facts infographic by Ayla Harbin
Make the Connections: Poverty, Obesity, and Diabetes
by Doug Pibel

Did you know: People who make $15,000 or less are three times more likely to have diabetes than people who make $50,000 or more, regardless of race.

Find out four things you can do to cut your risk of diabetes by 93%.



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These articles come from the Fall Issue of YES! Magazine.


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Bodies, the Fall 2012 issue of YES! Magazine

  More from the New Issue of YES! Magazine  

Widespread War on Reproductive Rights
by Lynsi Burton

National polls show that most of the public supports birth control and abortion rights. So what’s with the trend of trying to limit them?

Abortion Rights Graph

  YES But How?  

Goat Illustration5 Tools (and 1 Animal) for Quieter, Healthier Yard Work
by Lauren Hardy and Samantha Herndon

Got yard work this fall? It doesn’t have to be noisy, irritating, or fuel-intensive. Unplug with these tips:
  1. Rake for improved respiratory health and an upper-body workout.
  2. Master your weed-whacking skills with the ancient art of scything.
  3. Create raised beds, dig trenches, remove sod, or chop ice with a long-handled grubbing hoe.
  4. Let goats do the mowing on steep inclines and prickly plants.
  5. Do your part to save 800 million gallons of gasoline per year with a push mower—it’s much quieter (and your neighbors will love you).
  6. Use a broom and oxygen bleach instead of a pressure washer to save water and get better results.

Get more details and read more …

  What’s New Online  

Don’t Mess With Texas Waterways photo courtesy of Tar Sands Blockade
Obama Laptop courtesy of Obama for America
The Red and Black Photo by Evan Stichler
America is not broke graphic from Common Dreams website

Romney’s Dirtier, Deadlier Energy Future: Is There Another Way?
by Sarah van Gelder

The oil-dependent economy Romney supports is a step toward a less stable, more costly future. Renewables and energy efficiency offer real hope.
Obama Slams Citizens United
by John Bonifaz

Who’s the latest supporter for a constitutional amendment to overturn the controversial Supreme Court decision? Just the president of the United States. No big deal.
What’s Red and Black and Controlled Independently by Students?
by Polina Marinova

The student-run newspaper serving the University of Georgia, of course. When the board tried to take over editorial control, the student staff walked out in a final effort to make their voices heard.
7 Ways to End the Deficit (Without Throwing Grandma Under the Bus)
by John Cavanagh

A new study suggests that ending the deficit doesn’t have to hurt, just as long as we cut in the right places. John Cavanagh finds seven places where budget cuts can create a more just, secure, and sustainable country.

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Attention YES! readers: Three visionaries will receive $100,000 each, plus office space, to turn an inspired idea into reality. Applications are due September 14, 2012.


  Signs of Life  

Cows photo by JelleWTO Rules Against Labeling Meat

Now the United States has to gut a law that protects consumers from imported mystery meat—or pay the price.

California Houses photo by Joshua Daniel O.A Bill of Rights—for Homeowners

California’s new law gives increased protection to people threatened with foreclosure. Will other states follow?

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Una caravana por paz photo by Erin SiegalPhoto Essay: Mexican Caravan Goes 5,600 Miles for Peace

We share more than a border with the 116,000 Mexicans killed and disappeared in the War on Drugs. Take a ride across the United States with their families and poet Javier Sicilia on the Caravan for Peace.


Bill McKibben Still“The Fight Against Fossil Fuel Giants Is the Fight of Our Time”

Bill McKibben used to think that lack of action to stabilize the climate came from widespread apathy, denial, or comfort with the status quo. Here’s what made him change his mind.

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