More from the It’s Your Body issue of YES! Magazine featuring 9 Simple Steps to Better Health (Without a Joining a Gym) and an Infographic: Occupy Movement Bears Fruit.
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         September 2012 

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9 Simple Steps to Improve Your Health (Without Joining a Gym)
by Sven Eberlein

Photo By Eloy Ricádez LunaWhat are the secret ingredients to a long and healthy life? We all know that there’s more to our overall well-being than treating symptoms or the occasional replacement of a part. The good news is that scientists in various fields are discovering ever more ways we can keep ourselves healthy.

Here are nine simple, scientifically proven—and sometimes surprising—ways to help you make the right decisions for your body and health.



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Bodies, the Fall 2012 issue of YES! Magazine

  Occupy’s First Anniversary: Deep Reflections  

OWS Infographic-960.jpg Infographic: Occupy Movement Bears Fruit

For the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, we gathered just a few of the most vibrant projects working under the movement’s banner.


As the Occupy movement enters its second year, how should we measure its progress?

Rebecca Solnit, Marina Sitrin, and Grace Davie discuss the movement’s concrete achievements, its place in global struggles, and the improved outlook on life enjoyed by participants. View these and other articles online.
Occupiers use bicycles to generate electricity for the camp in Zuccotti park. Photo by David Shankbone
Occupy Wall Street participants discuss the movement in late September, 2011. Photo by Caroline Schiff Photography.
Foreclosure fighters with Occupy the Auctions make some noise on the steps of San Francisco's City Hall. Photo by Peg Hunter.
Occupy Your Victories: Occupy Wall Street’s First Anniversary
by Rebecca Solnit

Rebecca Solnit provides an inspiring panorama of triumphs that Occupiers helped achieve in just one short year. She urges us to stay in it for the long haul.
How Occupy Made Me Stronger
by Grace Davie

Although she wasn’t politically active before Occupy Wall Street, Grace Davie threw herself deeply into the movement. One year later, she finds herself braver, wiser, and stronger in her personal life.
How Do You Measure a Dream?
by Marina Sitrin

One year later, Marina Sitrin looks back on the Occupy movement, not as a list of victories and failures, but as a growing fabric of empowered voices.

  From the Fall issue of YES! Magazine …  
RoweTHEMEBIG.jpg Photo by Andrew Alderson

How can we break the silence about what happens when we’re dying?
A Graceful Exit: Taking Charge at the End of Life
by Claudia Rowe

Despite our myriad technological advances, the final stages of life in America still exist as a twilight purgatory where too many people simply suffer and wait, having lost all power to have any effect on the world or their place in it. But what if planning for those days became customary—a discussion of personal preferences—instead of paralyzing?


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Crayons by Chris Metcalf
Feet photo by Yasin Hassan
Cash Register photo by Paresh Gajria
clean kitchen by Sarah Gilbert

3 Essential School Supplies—That Aren’t on Your List
by Christine Carter

When kids have friends, they’re more likely to grow into happy adults. How to help your children develop the tools they need most.
Growth or Equality: Two Competing Visions for America’s Future
by David Korten

David Korten on how closing the wealth gap can open the way to a fairer, more prosperous economy.
A Small Business Boost from ... Regulations?
by Brooke Jarvis

Do regulations really hurt small businesses? Or do businesses thrive when local residents can afford their services, and a good quality of life attracts skilled workers?
Radical Homemaking ... With Houseguests?
by Shannon Hayes

Our home is an ecosystem: No matter how perfect we’d like to make it, as long as we live and create there, it will never be sterile, still, and clean.

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  From the Publisher  

I Voted Sticker photo by Melissa Baldwin3 Ways to Make Your Vote Count in a Money-Soaked Election

Your favored candidates may be outspent, but if they out-organize, they may be able to prevail.

  Beyond the Horse Race  

Children participate in a demonstration in support of Proposition 37 outside a California Wal-Mart store.California Soccer Moms Face Off Against Monsanto

A grassroots coalition of citizens has an initiative on the ballot to require the labeling of genetically modified organisms. It seems likely to succeed, even though corporations have spent tens of millions to defeat it.

Michigan-union-rally-555.jpgBuilding Progressive Momentum:
5 Ballot Initiatives Lead the Way

From challenging Citizens United to protecting collective bargaining rights, grassroots groups are pushing back against austerity initiatives and working to revitalize our economy.

Evergreen Solar workers.jpg5 Issues this Election Should Be About, and One to Drop

Five issues that should be at the center of the 2012 election—plus one with no place in the public sphere. Let’s cut through the campaign rhetoric and attack ads.

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Libya photo courtesy of Free Libya TVLibyan People to Americans: “This Is Not the Behavior of Our Islam”

Amid the noise of escalating violence, Benghazi citizens speak for themselves: “This does not represent us.”

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