How to turn a lawn into lunch, swap preserves, glean, boost your food security, live the good life...
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Building a Just and Sustainable World   April 2009

Buy dinner fresh from a roadside stand. Get the kids involved. Boys shucking corn: Photo by Leslie M. Friend
8 Ways to Join the Local Food Movement
Looking for a way out of the supermarket? YES! has harvested eight things you can do to join the local food revolution.

Images from 8 Ways to Join the Local Food Movement. Includes photos by Liz Deane, Patrick Barber
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From Lawn to Lunch
Ann Lovejoy explains how to convert your lawn to a lunch box.  READ ON …

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Eat Your Vegetables
Follow food columnist Michael Pollan’s simple rule: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”spacer  FIND OUT MORE …

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Party with Your Preserves
You’ll be amazed by what can be preserved from the season’s bounty. Food Routes has five tips to get you started.  READ ON …

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Glean Those Fields Clean
A lot of perfectly good food is left to rot in fields and under trees. With a bit of work, your group can “glean” free produce and provide fresh, nutritious food to your community.  HERE'S HOW …

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Shop Outside of Supermarkets
Discover the ways you can find local food sources in your area.  

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Start a Community Garden
Start with a meeting (better yet, a potluck) to decide what kind of garden you want, where to put it, and how to manage plots.  READ MORE …

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Plant a Row for the Hungry
As unemployment rises, more people are wondering how they will put food on the table. Learn how you can boost food security at home … and in your community.  READ MORE …

YES! number 8 spacer Share Your Table 
The best antidote to fast-food culture is as close as your table. Invite friends and a few strangers to a local-foods potluck.  READ MORE …

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Pedal People
Pedal People: Human-powered recycling
Pedal People Put the Cycling in Recycling
What's a cleaner, quieter alternative to garbage trucks? Bicycles!

Pedal People Cooperative Inc. is a "human-powered delivery and hauling service" for Northampton, Massachusetts. In all types of weather, you can find them hauling up to 300 pounds of trash, recycling and compost on trailers hitched to the back of their bikes.

Go Organic!
30-Day Organic Challenge!
YES! Intern Takes on a 30-Day Organic Challenge!
We've all heard how difficult and expensive eating organic food can be. But is it really as challenging as it seems? Our online intern Laura Kaliebe is eating only organic food for an entire month.

Follow her blog to see how she fares—and what she finds out …
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Reyum artist Chan Vitharin’s Opposites from William Cleveland's book Art and Upheaval

Art and Upheaval
Can the arts bridge our world's deep divides?

William Cleveland's remarkable stories of artists who resolve conflict, give voice to the forgotten and disappeared, and restitch the cultural fabric of their communities.

Iman and Tootie. Photo © Johnny Barber

"Day by Day, Years Go By"
Iraqi Families on the Borders

More than tales of bombs and battles, the real war stories are of refugees. Johnny Barber's portraits present people who share their stories of escape and survival.

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YES! Resource Guide icon Join the local food revolution with these groups, initiatives, and a library about good food.
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