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In This Season of Thanksgiving, an Invitation - and a Challenge

Portrait of Christa Hillstrom YES! Magazine and invite you to join us in a 21-Day Challenge to express gratitude every single day, from November 7 to Thanksgiving day. You'll be invited to swap stories and share ideas online, and you’ll see some of the most inspiring ones on our website—maybe one of yours. We hope you'll join us in the challenge of finding the good in every day.  

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Christa Hillstrom, web managing editor

Lessons from a Pay-It-Forward Restaurant: The Importance of Gratitude

At the Karma Kitchen, people enjoy a meal that’s already paid for—and are invited to continue the chain of generosity. In the process, organizers and participants alike learn the transformative power of gratitude.   READ MORE »
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Adapting to Climate Change: It's Not About Giving Up, It's About Getting Real

Conversations about how we're going to get through the coming transformation force us to see the full scale of the problem.   READ MORE »

Photo by Tess Fowler.
Meet the Comic Book Artist Fighting Back Against Rape Culture

Comics artist Tess Fowler has a second great talent—communicating about misogyny through social media. Warning: This article contains accounts of sexual assault and may be triggering to some people.   READ MORE »

Photo by Simon Morris.
What Were Morgan Stanley Reps Doing at a Fossil Fuel Divestment Forum?

As it turns out, they were leading a workshop on how to move billions of dollars in public and nonprofit funds to sustainable investments.   READ MORE »

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Keystone XL Decision: Obama's Last Chance to Fulfill Climate Promises?

A presidential block of Keystone XL could help reset the international negotiations that Obama allowed to go aground at Copenhagen.   READ MORE »

Photo by Kristin Moe.
Meet the New Climate Heroes: Faces of the Frontline

Not all of these young people focus directly on climate change in their work. But it tends to take a prominent position in their worldview, which sees issues of race, class, labor, and environment as inextricably connected.   READ MORE »

Getting Past a Knitting Freak Out: Why I Didn't Let My Daughter Quit

Stepping into the realm of creativity can be scary for little ones. But reward for sticking with it is the powerful feeling of making something beautiful with your own hands.   READ MORE »

Photo by Frederik Linge
Foraging the Urban Wilderness—From High-Carb Cattails to Dandelions

“Dandelion Hunter” is an education about the food that grows along our city streets, and the deep history author Rebecca Lerner discovered along the way.   READ MORE »

Photo by Alex Horner.
These filmmakers toured Haiti's rural south in a pickup truck for 10 days. The footage they created shows a side of Haitian life most have never seen.   WATCH »

"A New Kind of Self-Awareness": Implications of Seeing Earth from Space

Reader John Verity writes, "The trouble with looking at pictures of the earth that were made from outer space is that it encourages us to forget our local view, our true view of this world."   READ MORE »
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