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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Still courtesy You’ve Been Trumped Donald Trump Picks the Wrong Scottish Farmers to Brawl With

Chris Francis   |   Mar 29, 2013

When Donald Trump tried to develop a stretch of pristine Scottish seaside into a golf course, the feisty local community pushed back. A new documentary film tells the story.   MORE »

Utne Media Awards YES! Magazine Nominated for Top Award in 2013 Utne Media Awards

Mar 29, 2013

YES! Magazine is excited to be nominated for the Utne Media Awards in the category of “General Excellence.”   MORE »

By Jose Navas The Supreme Court on DOMA and Prop 8: What You Need to Know

Warren Richey   |   Mar 28, 2013

This week, the Supreme Court deliberates on whether to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8. Here are some previous cases that will play a role in their decisions.   MORE »


Photo by Mike Why Lent Makes People Happy (and Netflix Doesn't)

Jason Marsh, Rob Willer   |   Mar 27, 2013

Many of us believe getting more of the things we value will make us happier, but new research suggests that cutting back on life’s pleasures helps us enjoy them significantly more.   MORE »


Justice for Kimani Gray thumbnail After Police Shooting of Teenager, A Brooklyn Neighborhood Dreams of Justice

Kristin Moe   |   Mar 27, 2013

On March 9, two NYPD officers in plain clothes shot and killed 16-year-old Kimani Gray. At the marches and nightly vigils held in his memory, people are demanding a different kind of police department.   MORE »


fracking protest Gas Industry Report Calls Anti-Fracking Movement a “Highly Effective Campaign”

Katrina Rabeler   |   Mar 26, 2013

A report intended to help the oil and gas industry squash the anti-fracking movement turns out to be full of useful information—and admits that much of what activists are saying is true.   MORE »

Shh! Will U.S. Navy Turn It Down for Whales and Dolphins?

Peter Pearsall   |   Mar 25, 2013

Human allies of whales and dolphins have long had difficulty reining in the Navy’s use of sonar that harms these animals. But recent developments suggest that may be starting to change.   MORE »


Quote graphic Reader peakchoicedotorg writes …

“The Sierra Club would be much more effective if they used their organization to teach “transition” skills—tearing up lawns to make gardens, car cooperatives, insulating homes, etc. The “Catch and Release” symbolic protest is nice but not that effective.”   

What the Sierra Club’s New Militancy Means for the Environmental Movement


At Seattle Idle No More Event, A Mix of Ceremony and Protest

Mar 27, 2013

Saturday's Idle No More event showed that a beach can be the perfect place for a protest when a movement is drawing attention to the relationship between people and water.   MORE »
Water Ceremony

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