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Building a Just and Sustainable World   November/December 2007

YES! Magazine Cover issue 44
Don't Ask for Change. Be the Change.

Dear Reader,

How do you want to live? Why not live that way now? These are radical questions in a world that increasingly defines freedom as the right to choose between brands. But there is another story.

In Liberate Your Space, the new issue of YES! Magazine, you'll meet people who, whether through necessity or desire, are living free. They’re not waiting for permission, instruction, or help. They’re defining the world they’d like to live in, and creating it where they are.

You'll find people who are claiming the space to make street music, to farm in the city, to turn parking spaces into parks, and to shelter the homeless. Our Handy How-To Guide opens up ideas you may not have thought of, from guerrilla gardening to sources of free stuff.

The upshot: you don’t have to dream about the life you want. Just start living it!

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Christiania, Denmark. Photo by Birgit Carlsson   Micah at Umoja Village, Miami, Florida. Photo by Rolfe Ross.   DJ icecreamlopez of Pirate Cat Radio in San Francisco. Photo (cc) Scott Beale
Sarah signature
Sarah van Gelder
Executive Editor,
YES! Magazine

Highlights from the Latest YES!
Compost toilet on organic farm on isle of Eigg, Scotland. Photo by Andy Wright.
Graffiti on a London wall by street artist Banksy. Photo by Kevin Flemen Flickr: kfxposure
Do It Yourself. YES! Magazine graphic
As the powerful continue to lead toward war, poverty, and eco-shock, people around the world create enclaves of freedom and the seeds of a new era. Step off the path and Live Free.

People Taking Charge. YES! Magazine graphic
Meet some of the People Taking Charge. Seven inspiring examples of ways to be free right now: farming a city roof, taking a cello to the streets, defying the law by feeding the hungry in a city park…

YES! Magazine graphic
 A Handy How-To Guide. YES! Magazine graphic
Our Do-It-Yourself Freedom Manual gathers suggestions for liberating your space. Walk out, get free stuff, toss a flower bomb. Simple steps for day-to-day liberation. Go ahead: free your world.
YES! Monthly Cartoon Caption
YES! Tandem Cartoon Suggest a caption for the latest monthly YES! cartoon. All winning entries will be posted online, and the funniest captions each quarter will be included in our print issue of YES!
YES! DinoCar Cartoon
If this form doesn't work for you,
please email your caption to YesComments[at]

We call it the Priustoric.
The best captions for the 'DinoCar.'

Tell Us What You Think :: How to get to Carbon Neutral

Photo by Rob Hill/ISP
Photo by Rob Hill/ISP
The Climate Change crisis is finally getting the attention of people across the political spectrum. There's a lot of talk, but are we doing enough?

The Spring 2008 issue of YES! Magazine will investigate what it will take to keep greenhouse gas levels low enough to prevent the worst-case scenarios. We think a carbon-neutral world is not only possible, but that it will be more human-scale, community-centered, just, and enjoyable.

We also know that the impetus for change will come, not from politicians, but from all of us who take steps to reduce our own carbon footprint, and who press political, business, and religious leaders to get serious about averting climate catastrophe.

Help us think about this issue by sharing with us:

What carbon-reducing step have you taken that gives you the most pleasure?

What’s the next step you plan to take?

If this form doesn’t work for you, please email us at editors[at]

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Just the Facts
More funding for Iraq war?
Just the Facts: Polling PieChart on support for Iraq war. YES! Magazine Graphic

It's clear the American people want the troops home. What will it take for Congress to Slam Shut the War Chest?

People Power: David Solnit and Aimee Allison say it's time to stop the war ourselves.
YES! Web Picks
Image from The Story of Stuff (cc) The Story of Stuff: the real cost of our material culture.

Josh Ritter, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Linda Thompson, Foundation Movement, César López

Students at Redmond High School. Photo by Justine Simon Cool Schools, YES! at the FCC

A sample of the photoessay on Umoja Village. Photos by Rolfe Ross Homeless in Miami: Rolfe Ross' Umoja Village

Pete Seeger performing. Photo by Fred Palumbo. Pete Seeger demonstrates The Power of Song.

Protecting Our Commons. YES! Magazine Graphic
Keeping the air, the water, the Internet and other Commons in our hands. (interactive graphic)

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