More featured articles from the Climate Action issue. Plus the YES! Take on Copenhagen, Why is Costa Rica Smiling, and America's Recipe Box.
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Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions   December 2009
Climate Action
Colin Beavan. Photo by Paul Dunn for YES! Magazine Fight Climate Change: Live the Good Life
Low-carbon living isn’t a sacrifice. ”No Impact Man” Colin Beavan says it’s the good life.

thumbnail of 10 Ways You Can Change Your Life poster “No Impact Man” poster:
(Not Just Your Lightbulbs)
Transition Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, California, is the 99th recognized Transition Initiative worldwide. Photo courtesy of Transition US. Towns Rush to Make Low-Carbon Transition
More and more neighborhoods are making the transition to a climate-friendly community. Has yours?
Coal station. iStock A Fast Track from Coal to Clean Energy
New coal plants halted; new renewables coming on line. But what about the old, dirty coal plants?

Cover of Issue 52 of YES! Magazine: Climate Action


Climate Heroes
They're stepping up to the challenge, taking direct action, risking arrest, building powerful climate justice movements across generations, national borders, and races. Meet some of the people on the front lines of climate action…

Climate Action Heroes
Climate Solutions
Climate Solutions issue of YES! Magazine, Spring 2008


Last year, we made the case that there were solutions to global warming. In case you missed it, here’s our 38-page Climate Solutions special section:

Climate Solutions issue of YES! Magazine, Spring 2008 :: FREE PDF DOWNLOAD


The YES! Take on Copenhagen
Boston citizens deliberate during the World Wide Views on Global Warming held September 26, 2009. About 4,000 citizens gathered in 38 countries to discuss their positions on the December UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen. Photo by Richard Sclove. We Hold the Key to Copenhagen
“We the People” will have to act up if we want a global agreement that averts climate chaos.
In the Bella Center, site of the U.N. negotiations. Photo by Matthew McDermott. How to Talk About Climate Change
Talking about climate change may be one of the most revolutionary things you can do. But how do you strike up your own Copenhagen conversations—and what do you say once you do?
Kumi Naidoo in Copenhagen. Photo by Matthew McDermott. Kumi Naidoo on How We'll Win at Copenhagen
Forget the cynicism. The activists who made Copenhagen possible are ramping up the pressure for a strong and binding deal on climate change.
350. One of the photos from the worldwide day of action, October 24. It's Going to Be Beautiful
Bill McKibben: There are reasons to be encouraged about the negotiations in Copenhagen, and ways to get involved in your own backyard.
Image from the film The Story of Cap and Trade, by Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios. Cap & Dividend: A Clear Winner
Sarah van Gelder on a new bipartisan climate bill which offers a much smarter way to cut emissions—auction off pollution permits and distribute the proceeds to everyone.

Annie Leonard offers a warning about the dangers of cap & trade.

Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet. Art exhibit in Copenhagen.

photo icon  COOL GLOBES:
Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet

New Online
JenFu Cheng Photography, LCC
Michelle Long. Photo courtesy of BALLE
Homelessness is on the rise in the United States. Photo by drocpsu.
Putting the Science of Happiness Into Practice
Countries around the world are beginning to apply the science of well-being to the decisions they make. News from the 5th International Conference on Gross National Happiness.

Growing Local
Interview: By working with local businesses, Michelle Long helped make Bellingham, WA, a national leader in urban sustainability. Now, for BALLE, she's taking her vision to cities around North America.


Human Rights in the Age of Obama
Protecting human rights during a recession means rethinking the role of government, taking direct action, and creating an equitable society.

YES! Features

Schoolchildren take a walk with their teachers. Photo by Susan Hardman.

Why is Costa Rica Smiling?

How a focus on peace is helping this tiny Central American country win the global happiness sweepstakes.

Visit Costa Rica through Susan Hardman's photos
Cover of Mark Kurlansky's The Food of a Younger Land, along with Library of Congress photo from WPA America Eats files.

America's Recipe Box
Essays to Make Your Mouth Water

Review: Author Mark Kurlansky unearths a Depression-era project to document the country's food traditions.

:: RECIPES: for spoon bread and stuffed eggs.

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reusable fabric gift bags. Photo by Jessica Wilson. Gift Bags
Why not avoid paper gift wrap and make your own gift bags?

:: MORE Green Living Advice
Signs of Life

Members of The Rude Mechanical Marching Band livened up the protest outside an Immigration Detention Center on Varick Street in New York City. Photo by Tom Martinez. stories about big change…
Activists Wrangle Forest Victories from Corporations, Media Reform in Argentina, Can Northeast States Grow Their Own Food?, and more…

YES! Web Picks
SLIDE SHOWS Candlelit vigil, Barcelona, Spain. Photo by Mata Onate
Weekend of Climate Action
In vigils and protests around the world, activists stood up for a fair, binding climate treaty.

Spontaneous Smiley Project
Smiley Project Photo by Ruth KaiserWhen we smile, does the whole world smile back at us? Ruth Kaiser thinks so. See her collection of photographs of smileys in the everyday.

icon for the film Fresh FILM Fresh
Meet the farmers, thinkers, and business-people rethinking our food system…

VIDEO Christmas Can Still Change the World
Graphic from Advent Conspiracy proposes that people buy less and give more—of their time and love through relational giving.

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