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Building a Just and Sustainable World   February 2008

YES! Magazine Cover issue 45
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Stop Global Warming Cold

Dear Reader,

The argument is finally over about whether climate change is a global threat. We now know that some of the impacts are coming more quickly than expected. NASA climate scientist Jim Hansen says we have 10 years to turn things around. The question now is what can we do? What solutions are up to the scale of the crisis?

The Spring 2008 issue of YES! takes that question head on. How much do we need to cut back, and what changes in our homes, communities, and regulations will be enough?

Using a combination of the best science plus an assessment of the most powerful actions available, YES! shows that solutions are within reach. We can make the shift to renewables, phase out reliance on coal and oil, get much more efficient about our energy use, and change some well-worn habits—the solutions are ready.

And we've done it before. When this country mobilized for World War II, car factories converted to making tanks. Women went to work building ships. People recycled rubber and metals and planted victory gardens. It will take a mobilization at that scale, coupled with a commitment to global fairness, to rise to this global challenge.

This issue of YES! shows what it will take. If you aren't already a subscriber, get this issue as the first in your subscription.

Dirt in Hand   Windmills photo by istock   San Francisco Federal Building harvest sun. Photo by Tim Haley
Sarah signature
Sarah van Gelder
Executive Editor,
YES! Magazine

Highlights from the Latest YES!

Barefoot College solar installers
Bill McKibben photo by Channing Johnson for YES! Magazine
First Step Up
Next to nuclear war, the climate crisis may be the biggest challenge ever. There is still time, though. Bill McKibben gives us our call to action: “We need a movement. We need a political swell larger than the civil rights movement…”

Cow by Dagmar Nelson,

Down-to-earth Solutions
Can we get to a post-carbon world? Guy Dauncey shows how to make buildings, electricity, transportation, food, and forests climate friendly. Yes, we can.

Lightbulb man. Illustration by Kayann Legg / I-S
Beyond Lightbulbs
Keeping Up with the Joneses: One family’s year-by-year guide to a carbon neutral lifestyle. See how the Jones family eliminates the bulk of their carbon footprint.

Web Special: the work of the Barefoot College

Barefoot photographers of Tilonia
Night Schools. Photo courtesy of the Barefoot College of Tilonia
The Barefoot College in Tilonia, India, was founded with the conviction that solutions to rural problems lie within the community. See the work of the Barefoot Photographers in our photo essay of sustainability in action.

Watch video of the First Women Solar Engineers in the World and learn more about grassroots solar training, solar powered schools, and water harvesting that really works.

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Self Storage
The best captions for the 'Housing' cartoon.

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Signs of Life
Vicenza Italy protester, photo by Giuliano Koren Defending the vote, blocking military bases, farmworker living wages, Bolivia's new constitution, and many more Small Stories About Big Change.
YES! Web Picks
Image from the video Tree Be the Change
See the video that's become India's anthem.

What are the Top 10 Questions in the world right now?

Brett Dennen, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen & Pete Seeger

Aral Sea photo by Christopher Herwig Aral Sea: Our impact on the world's fourth largest lake.

Bangladesh photo by Gary Braasch. Copyright © Gary Braasch 2007
Earth Under Fire:
How Global Warming is Changing the World.

Image from The Story of Stuff (cc) The Story of Stuff: How (and why) to keep "stuff" from ruling your life.

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