David Korten's new book is out :: Fran Korten talks about her friendship with Obama's Mother :: YES! video reports from DC
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Building a Just and Sustainable World   February 2009

Fran Korten, Executive Director, YES! MagazineDear Reader,

You may be catching some of the media excitement around Dave Korten's just-published book, Agenda for a New Economy. With Wall Street crashing and the government flailing, his message to replace Wall Street with a financial system that works for Main Street is catching fire. 

Now here's a secret about this book. Dave wrote it in a mere three weeks! The genesis was his article for YES!, Beyond Bailouts: Agenda for a New Economy. When Dave's publisher read it, he asked Dave to turn it into a book, and they targeted the launch for January 23, when Dave was set to deliver a keynote address at Trinity Church in the heart of Wall Street. So Dave literally wrote night and day, the words pouring out from a lifetime of thought. Dave said "I feel like I have lived my whole life to write this book."

I was with Dave in New York and accompanied him to his interview with Amy Goodman for Democracy Now! After Amy finished her interview with Dave, she discovered I had been friends with Barack Obama's mother so she called the camera crews back to interview me about our friendship. I think you'll enjoy both these interviews.

David Korten on Democracy Now!   Fran Korten on Democracy Now!
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Fran Korten
YES! Magazine
Path to a New Economy
Living Wealth, Illustration by Don Baker, www.evidenceofhumanity.org

Don't Fix Wall Street, Replace It

"Let Wall Street corporations and their phantom wealth machine slip into the abyss of their own making. Devote our public resources to building and strengthening Main Street businesses and financial institutions devoted to creating real wealth in service to their local communities."
By David Korten
Help Us Think About Our Future Issues
Heart, Illustration by Don Baker, www.evidenceofhumanity.org
Illustration by Don Baker

Take a deep breath and think about the things that have helped you and your community cope or even thrive in the past months of economic downturn.

Whatever solutions the government, the business sector, or your neighborhood come up with, an economic reboot will need people power.

Share your inspiration, strength, and creativity with other readers:

What are you and your family doing to make it through the economic downturn and to help others during these tough times?


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Youth in DC
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