Sneak Preview of the America: The Remix Issue with our 100 Years of Progress poster: Piecing Together a Multiracial Nation. Also, exclusive interview with Nobel prize winner Elinor Ostrom, new cartoon, and much, much more.
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Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions   February 2010

100 Years of Progress: Piecing Together a Multiracial Nation. YES! Poster
America: The Remix

By mid-century, people of color will be the majority in the United States. The new issue of YES! Magazine brings you stories of the people and collaborations that are helping our nation finally embrace its identity as a multiracial society.

Learn how Obama-energized youth are building beyond racism, and how neighbors are creating just, inclusive and green cities. Also, what white people fear (and what to do about it); how to start healing conversations; what to say to a screaming bigot; and how songs, stories, and even economic hard times can help us find strength in our diversity.

Here’s a sneak preview of the issue with our new poster: 100 Years of Progress—milestones on the way to an inclusive, just nation.

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Exclusive YES! interview: Wisdom from newest economic Nobel laureate

Nobel winner Elinor Ostrom. Photo by Chris Meyer, Indiana University

Elinor Ostrom was an unusual choice for the 2009 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. For one thing, she is the first woman to receive the prize. But what makes this award particularly special is that her work is about cooperation, while standard economics focuses on competition.

Learn more in Fran Korten’s exclusive YES! interview with Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom.

Swiss Alps pastures / wikicommons :: 8 KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL COMMONS
   Advice on how to govern our commons
   by Nobel winner Elinor Ostrom.

What’s New Online

Photo by Thomas Hawk
Assisi Doves. Photo by John Williams.
Shannon Hayes in the kitchen with her daughter, Saoirse. Photo by Bob Hooper
Education for the New

David Korten: “Instead of preparing students for outdated jobs, how can we teach them to build a better world?”
spacer Building Cultures of Peace
Riane Eisler: “If we are to build cultures of peace, we have to start talking about something that still makes many people uncomfortable: gender.”
spacer Meet the Radical Homemakers
How families are achieving ecological, social, and economic transformation… starting under their own roofs.

Signs of Life: Small Stories About Big Change

Signs of Life graphic
Nicola lost both parents in the earthquake. Unicef reports that nearly 40 percent of the Haitian population is under the age of 14, and there are estimates of tens of thousands of newly orphaned children in the country. Photo by Willie Davis
“Pro-poor” Relief for Haiti
In the aftermath of the Jan. 12 earthquake that is believed to have killed more than 150,000 people, a call is growing for more long-term, sustainable solutions, such as debt relief. MORE…

Sweden’s largest national chain of burger restaurants, Max, was one of the first to add emissions calculations next to each item on its menu boards.
Sweden Labels Food With CO2 Data
The Swedish government announced new food guidelines that recommend eating habits based on greenhouse-gas emissions. MORE…

Residents of Porto Alegre, Brazil, gather in May for the annual Regional Participatory Budgeting assembly. Porto Alegre was the first city to use participatory budgeting, and during some years all budgeting decisions were discussed and as much as 10 percent was decided directly by residents. Photo by Michael Fox
Chicago Ward Tries Citizen Budgeting
In a city with a history of corruption and lack of transparency, one elected official is restoring meaning to the term “public funds.” Alderman Joe Moore has launched what is believed to be the United States’ first experiment with “participatory budgeting.” MORE…


YES! Monthly Cartoon Caption
New YES! Cartoon Write a caption for this month’s YES! cartoon. Winning entries will be posted online, and the funniest will be printed in YES!

YES! Bee Cartoon

Enter the competition.

This is just what we need to survive colony collapse disorder!
The best captions for this cartoon.

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Multimedia Picks
PHOTO ESSAYS Unlike hybrids, heirloom seeds can produce plants and fruit identical to their parent plant, and the seeds can be passed down to start the next generation.
Seed Savers Exchange
Ever thought of saving seed from your own garden? Take a peak at the largest non-governmental seed bank in the U.S.

Hooman is a 17-year-old architecture student at a university in Tehran. Photo by Abdi Sami Eighteen Days in Tehran
With a collection of photos of everyday life in Iran, Abdi Sami hopes to facilitate understanding.

Jenny Pell of Permaculture Now! interviewed by Peak Moment TV VIDEO How Do I Invite You to Grow Food?
Jenny Pell, of Permaculture Now!, on why sustainable doesn’t mean giving things up, but gaining abundance instead.

Still from the Move Your Money video
Move Your Money
Send a message to big banks while supporting local financial institutions.
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