The Spring issue of YES! Magazine, America: The Remix is now online. Also, the pick of our recent New Economy articles, and the Power of Ten...
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Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions   March 2010

Cover of the new Spring issue of YES! Magazine, America: The Remix


America: The Remix

Dear Reader,

The spring 2010 issue of YES! asks what it would mean to fully embrace a multi-racial, multi-cultural identity in the United States. The election of Barack Obama makes that seem more possible than ever. But we still have far to go: The recession has hit communities of color harder than white communities; racism fuels attacks on such prominent African Americans as Van Jones.

Contributors to America: The Remix offer a glimpse of a society where we all work together for a just and green world. In this issue, you’ll find successful cross-race organizing, breakthroughs for those reconciling their mixed race backgrounds, and possibilities for a more authentic sense of community.

How do we talk about race? What are we afraid of?

Read the new issue of YES! to find out. If you’re not already a subscriber, make America: The Remix the first issue in your subscription with this special introductory $15 offer.

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Sarah van Gelder
Executive Editor, YES! Magazine

Highlights from the Latest YES!
YES! Panelists explore what it means to be part of a multiracial society

Our Future as a Multiracial Society
There’s a new American story—one that embraces all the cultures and peoples of the United States. Six YES! panelists explore what that means for activism, identity, and our sense of community.
YES! Graphic What White People Fear
A white guy confesses his fears and tells why he seeks out settings beyond his comfort zone.
Writer Faith Adiele's self-portrait at the MacDowell artists colony in New Hampshire in 1995. Faith Adiele: My Life in Black and White
Why memoir is the ultimate multicultural act.
Illustration by Robert Woodstock/iStock Everyday Conversations to Heal Racism
5 tips for courageous conversations about race and culture.
YES! Magazine graphic: Just the Facts Race-Based Economics
Just the facts on the growing wealth gap.
Blended Nation
Photographs from Mike Tauber's 2009 book Blended Nation: Portraits and Interviews of Mixed-Race America. View our photo essay from the book
Blended Nation: A Portrait of Mixed-Race America
After 9/11, photographer Mike Tauber and then-girlfriend Pamela Singh watched with concern as both hate crimes and federal security policies targeted Sikhs. Singh, who is part Indian, convinced Tauber that they could use photography to help Americans grasp the complexities of race.

The couple (who are now married with children) traveled across the country, taking portraits and collecting stories of mixed-race individuals. The result, Blended Nation, is a book that chronicles the struggle for identity faced by its subjects.

What’s New Online
Monopoly board. Photo by David Muir
spacer City Feed and Supply, a grocery and deli in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, advertises the fact that its owners and suppliers are local. Photo by Steve Garfield
spacer Secretary Solis testifies at a hearing February 3, 2010. Photo courtesy of the House Committee on Education and Labor
Whose Bank? Public Investment, Not Private Debt
by Ellen Brown
The public bank concept is gaining ground on the state level, attracting proponents across the political spectrum.
spacer The Power of Local
by Jeff Milchen
Through mutual support and community education, independent businesses are finding ways to promote local economies and even outperform chains.
spacer A Quiet Revolution
by Mark Engler
By actually regulating businesses and standing up for workers’ rights, the new Department of Labor is part of a “quiet revolution” in government.

Taking Action: The Power of Ten …
10 flowers: YES! Magazine graphic from 10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy
Corporate power influences many political decisions, from energy and climate policy to health care reform. Illustration by Chris Clark 10 Ways to Stop Corporate Dominance of Politics
It’s not too late to limit or reverse the impact of the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision in Citizens United v. FEC.
Vancouver residents work on constructing a community playground. Photo by Christopher Porter 10 Courageous Things You Can Do to Build Community
Building strong communities is critical, hard work. It’s also one of the most courageous and important things each of us can do every day.
10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy 10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy
Scientists can tell us how to be happy. Really. Here are 10 ways, with the research to prove it.


Did you miss...

Newsletter archive Highlights from the last newsletter:

:: Elinor Ostrom Wins Nobel for Common(s) Sense
   The newest Nobel laureate in economics has built her career on the science of cooperation.

:: 100 Years of Progress  Milestones on the way to an inclusive, just nation

:: Education for the New Economy
    David Korten discusses how we can rethink our goals, reskill ourselves, and teach Spaceship Management 101.

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San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival, 2006. Photo by David Pham,
“I believe that only in a country in which we can appreciate differences of race and religion and ethnicity, while still insisting on our common humanity, will my own soul feel rested.”
President Barack Obama

YES! Web Picks
CD cover of Neil Halstead's Oh! Mighty Engine MUSIC YES! Music for Spring
Have a listen to Susana Baca, Neil Halstead, and songs inspired by Barack Obama’s election.

Singer Brett Dennen performing for students of the Mosaic Project
Mosaic Song Teaches Respect and Open-mindedness
Musician Brett Dennen sings about empathy, not entropy, for the Mosaic Project.

Artist Kip Fulbeck VIDEO The Hapa Project
Artist Kip Fulbeck’s portrait project delves into the complex relationship between race and identity for hapas.

PHOTO ESSAYS China's living water garden in Chengdu China’s Water Garden
A look at China’s living water garden in Chengdu. This ecological living machine—a gorgeous botanical garden—is restoring open sewage canals.
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